Four kids are lacking after a airplane crash in Colombia. Here’s what we all know.

Earlier this week, Colombian President Gustavo Petro shared on Twitter what gave the look of the uplifting afterword to a grim tale: Four kids who had long gone lacking within the jungle following a airplane crash have been discovered alive, he wrote, describing the inside track as “a pleasure for the rustic.

But simply someday later, on Thursday, Petro retracted his tweet, saying he could not confirm the information he had shared earlier.

The destiny of the kids stays unknown.

Petro’s whiplash reversal drew attention to the story of the children, four siblings who are 13, 9, 4 and 11 months old. On May 1, the small plane they were traveling in disappeared from radars, according to authorities. The bodies of their mother and two other people were later found by the authorities at the site of the crash.

More than 100 members of the military, as well as three rescue dogs, have been involved in the search for survivors, the Colombian Civil Aviation Authority said in a statement Wednesday, adding that indigenous communities have also taken part in the rescue effort.

The first positive sign came Wednesday, when the aviation authority announced that rescuers had discovered a makeshift shelter created from sticks and branches, as well as a pair of scissors and some hairbands. Footprints, apparently made by children, were reportedly found as well.

Just hours later, the country’s child-protection agency, the Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF), released a statement on Twitter saying it had received information “confirming touch” with the four children, who were reportedly found “alive and in addition in excellent well being”. .”

The company knowledgeable the president, the remark mentioned, however added that “army forces have no longer but been in a position to formally identify touch, because of the tough climate prerequisites and the tough terrain.” These conditions had also posed a challenge to the military as it was conducting its search. On Friday, 50 more soldiers were dispatched to aid in the search.

Since those initial reports, however, the government and the military have been unable to make direct contact with the children, leading to confusion about their whereabouts and well-being.

The director of the ICBF, Astrid Caceres, advised local media that the agency had heard from two reliable sources that the children had been found. However, Caceres said she was waiting to see photos of the children to serve as conclusive proof of their survival.

Petro apologized Thursday for contributing to the confusion. “I be apologetic about what came about,” he tweeted, “At this time there is no greater priority than moving forward with the search until [the children] are found.”

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