Five tactics Kilicdaroglu will attempt to beat Erdogan in Turkey run-off

The opposition candidate has followed a tougher tone whilst campaigning forward of the May 28 run-off vote.

after a despiriting Turkey’s opposition candidate Kemal Kilicdaroglu is main a steelier marketing campaign to overcome his rival Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan within the nation’s May 28 run-off election.

But will it’s sufficient?

Here are 5 methods the bespectacled former bureaucrat is the usage of to unseat his opponent:

1. Doubling down on anti-migration stand

  • Kilicdaroglu’s marketing campaign promise all the time incorporated the go back of Syrian refugees, however his stance has hardened after the first-round vote on May 15 to enchantment to nationalists, analyst say.
  • Before the vote, he stated he would repatriate Syrians on a voluntary foundation inside two years.
  • On the marketing campaign path, he had additionally stated he would search European Union investment to construct houses, colleges, hospitals and different facilities in Syria and would inspire Turkish marketers to open factories and companies to create employment.
  • But following the May 15 vote, Kilicdaroglu accused the federal government of permitting 10 million “irregular” migrants to go into the rustic in a speech on May 17.
  • Kilicdaroglu warned the collection of migrants may pass as much as 30 million, offering no proof for the figures he cited.
  • An afternoon later, Kilicdaroglu went additional announcing Erdogan “did not protect [Turkey’s] borders and honour” and that he’s going to “send all refugees home. Period”.
  • Billboards have since cropped up in Turkish towns appearing a smiling Kilicdaroglu subsequent to the slogan “Syrians will leave!”
  • While Kilicdaroglu’s Republican People’s Party (CHP) has no longer marketed the slogan itself, it has no longer distanced itself from it, both.

2. Adopting a transformation of symbol

  • Kilicdaroglu’s mild-mannered demeanor emerged as an antithesis to Erdogan’s bombastic taste.
  • During the marketing campaign, he performed on his extra homely symbol, filming Twitter movies from his kitchen or learn about in Ankara, his shirtsleeves rolled up.
  • An brand of his marketing campaign used to be a center signal shaped with fingers, a gesture his supporters made at his rallies.
  • Since faring worse than Erdogan within the first-round vote, alternatively, he has shifted from his “grandfather” symbol to 1 that conjures up him being a “tough leader”, significantly along with his Syrian refugee stance.
  • Kilicdaroglu additionally accused Erdogan of colluding with “terrorists” in his May 18 deal with, after Erdogan won the backing of the rustic’s pro-Kurdish birthday celebration, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).
  • The collusion reference used to be about peace efforts made between Erdogan’s executive and the PKK, which collapsed in 2015.
  • Kilicdaroglu stated, “I have never sat down with terrorist organizations, and I never will do”, relating to the PKK.
Supporters of Kemal Kilicdaroglu, presidential candidate of Turkey's main opposition alliance, gesture at a rally outside the Republican People's Party (CHP) headquarters as voters await election results in Ankara, Turkey May 14, 2023. REUTERS/Yves Herman
Supporters of Kemal Kilicdaroglu, presidential candidate of Turkey’s major opposition alliance, gesture at a rally in Ankara, Turkey [Yves Herman/Reuters]

3. Getting a notable Erdogan rival to spearhead campaigning

  • Local media reported that the influential Istanbul Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu is main Kilicdaroglu’s pre-run-off vote marketing campaign.
  • The in style flesh presser used to be noticed as Erdogan’s attainable rival within the May 2023 elections; many sought after him to be the CHP’s presidential candidate over Kilicdaroglu.
  • Imamoglu used to be elected mayor in March 2019, a blow to Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party (AK Party), which had managed Istanbul for 1 / 4 century.
  • The notable mayor can have been tapped to now usurp Erdogan’s 20-year rule of the rustic.

4. Contesting election ballots

  • After the first-round vote, the opposition events in Turkey reported hundreds of discrepancies and poll irregularities.
  • The discrepancies, they stated, had been between the ones recorded at polling stations and the votes entered into the gadget of the Supreme Election Council (YSK).
  • Muharrem Erkek, a CHP deputy chairman, claimed votes for Kilicdaroglu were incorrectly allotted to Muharrem Ince, who pulled out of the presidential race 3 days prior to the election.
  • Erkek stated further votes had been additionally given to Erdogan, however didn’t supply proof.
  • He vowed to practice “every single vote”, suggesting the birthday celebration might be tracking irregularities from the May 28 run-off.

5. Re-energizing his voter base

  • Shortly after the end result of the May 15 vote turned into obvious, Kilicdaroglu instructed his supporters, “Don’t depression. We will rise up and take this election in combination.
  • “We will for sure win this election in the second one around. Everyone will see it,” he additionally stated.
  • Kilicdaroglu controlled to rally Turks of various stripes into an alliance that spans nationalists, Islamists, secularists and liberals, a voter base he must proceed to enchantment to, in spite of many having change into dependent after the first-round vote.
  • Some of his supporters don’t seem to be grew to become off by way of his extra hardline anti-migrant stance, lately. Disparaging an AK Party authentic for having a softer manner, indicating persisted give a boost to from his fans.


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