Barrie announced a new EP, 5Kwhich arrives on March 31 via winspear, Along with the announcement, the Brooklyn-based artist has shared the new single ‘Races’. Check it out below.

“The music felt like a good arc for running. I want this music to be good company; steady and light enough,” Barrie said in a statement about the EP, which will follow her 2022 full-length. Barbara, “It’s literal and it’s metaphorical; this EP is meant to be your running partner for whatever form 5K you’re doing.”

“I finished the music for ‘Races’ before the lyrics, and I was trying to figure out what to say,” Barrie explained. “I got in a rabbit-hole about how when you get songs stuck in your head, they’re like these weird little mantras that you didn’t choose to take on, and how crazy it is that musicians have the opportunity to have a direct line into people’s heads like that. I was thinking about what phrases I’d want to implant. And what would be a good use of that kind of privilege. Obviously it doesn’t work exactly that way, but there was an element of experimenting with that in this song.”

5K EP Cover Artwork:

5K EP Tracklist:

1. Nocturne Interlude
2. Races
3. Unholy Appetite
4. Ghost World
5. Empty

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