Encore! – Victims learn to forgive in the French film ‘All Your Faces’

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How do you forgive someone who has done you immeasurable harm? French director Jeanne Herry’s latest film “All Your Faces” asks this question and delves into the complexities of the restorative justice process and the question of how to forgive someone who has caused immeasurable harm. Through the collision of worlds between victims and perpetrators, the film offers a powerful and sentimental portrayal of forgiveness without being preachy, while also incorporating moments of humor. In addition, our film critic Emma Jones introduces the timely documentary “Seven Winters in Tehran”. The documentary chronicles the story of Reyhanah Jabbari, a brave young Iranian woman who fought back against a man trying to rape her and was subsequently executed for murder. With ongoing protests in Iran following the death of Mahsa Amini, the documentary’s poignant story of courage becomes even more significant in this historical context.

We also look at the second installment of the DC superhero saga “Shazam!”, somewhat redeemed by the presence of powerhouse Helen Mirren as part of a trio of villainous goddesses. And a celebration of the work of British director Joanna Hogg after the release of her latest film, “The Eternal Daughter”.

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