What is it? Hard-core baseball at Nishinomiya’s Koshien Stadium, the country’s oldest ballpark and where the beloved Hanshin Tigers play. Baseball in Japan is like a turbocharged version of America’s pastime: The crowds are fanatical, the drums nonstop, and the food is pretty killer too.

What’s the vibe? A very unsober and communal after-hours karaoke sesh.

Optimize your experience by… Belting out the club’s famed fight song, “Rokko Oroshi,” along with the crowd, after the Tigers pick up the W. And be sure to stop by the team shop for elite merch; The Tigers have one of the coolest logos in all of sports.

Pedro Barros shutting down the Dime Glory Challenge 2022 at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Quebec.Ryan Lebel

The Dime Glory Challenge


What is it? A skateboarding anti-competition where the best skaters in the world risk life, or at least limb, attempting irreverent, outlandish tricks in the spirit of showmanship. What it lacks in medals, awards, and judges, it more than makes up for in foam pits, fake volcanoes, pyrotechnics, and swords.

What’s the vibe? Jackass but make it French Canadian.

Optimize your experience by… Joining the crowd at the city’s old Olympic Stadium to egg on some of today’s boldest skaters. Then head over to the parking lot down the street from the dime store for their block party.

triple mania

Mexico City

What is it? Triplemanía is Mexico’s answer to Wrestlemania—the biggest and baddest annual showcase of lucha libre, the wildest and most high-flying form of pro wrestling.

What’s the vibe? The operatic flair of a telenovela with the holy-shit-ness of live gymnastics. Expect at least one luchador to get his mask dramatically torn off.

Optimize your experience by… Copping your own mask and bootleg tee from one of the dozens of stands outside the arena beforehand.

Flo Payet performs at Red Bull Hardline in Wales, 2022.Dan Griffiths/Red Bull Content Pool via AP Images

The Red Bull Hardline

Machynlleth, Wales

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