Tips on How to Get Quick and Easy Forex for Your Business Trip Abroad

Amongst the preparations for a work trip to a foreign country, making arrangements regarding Forex for business trips is of utmost importance. With an average minimum of 2 days to a maximum of 28 days, a business trip has to be perfectly well planned to avoid any kind of chaos during the work trip. For business travelers, Forex has to be compulsorily kept handy in order to prevent unnecessary delays in such trips which hold great significance. Events and conferences, internal meetings, office visits, client meetings, trade fairs, transfers, business retreats, pleasure trips etc are some of the various kinds of business trips made abroad.

Why do you require Forex for business trip?

Your usual Credit and Debit cards have many charges like Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) fee, interbank fees, and unfair exchange rates associated with them when using them abroad. However, a Forex card, unlike a debit/credit card, attracts no cross-currency charges or transaction fees and the exchange rate does not change once the card is loaded. Forex cards are prepaid travel cards meant especially for those who are traveling abroad. If you are planning a business trip soon then this is definitely for you. You can pre-load the card with one or more currencies. This is to help you to purchase items and services quickly in business places where they don’t accept cards. These cards are much more economical and are globally accepted compared to domestic cards. One currency card and borderless multi-currency prepaid card are the types of Forex cards offered by Thomas Cook.

The other kind of Forex that a business traveler can carry is in the form of physical currency of the country to which the person is traveling. You can purchase currency online through Thomas Cook’s official website or visit any branch across India. You can get foreign exchange upto 60 days prior to the day of your scheduled travel. Simply log on to Thomas Cook’s website, fill in the required details, and choose your desired currency to get Forex for business travel at the best deals.

Ways in which you can carry business Forex for international business trip

Being very popular amongst international travelers, it allows you to load multiple foreign currencies at the same time saving you from currency fluctuations, cross currency charges and minimum transaction charge. Some even offer exchange rate lock-in before travel.

  • Choose from foreign currency notes in 26 different currencies:

Carrying currency notes while traveling always acts as an emergency fund and also while traveling to remote locations. Depending on the country you are traveling to, the amount of cash you can carry varies. It is said to carry money in the form of card and cash in the ratio 3:1.

Thomas Cook for an uninterrupted foreign business trip

  • Best online rates- At Thomas Cook you get reasonable online rates giving you the opportunity to travel carefree.
  • Doorstep delivery- Once you have paid online, you have the option to get your Forex product delivered at your doorstep. Alternatively, you can choose to collect it from the branch.
  • Pay a little amount in advance and block currency at existing rates – Shortage of funds or any other issue? Worry not as now at Thomas Cook you can block currency by paying a small amount and at the prevailing exchange rates during the time of payment.
  • Multiple payment options – At Thomas Cook, you have multiple payment options to choose from. So you can always choose the best option that fits you.
  • 24 hour delivery available (in selected cities)- Traveling in another 24-36 hours or more? Don’t worry at Thomas Cook we’ve got you covered as we provide 24 hours delivery in all major cities.
  • 24×7 help – Thomas Cook’s team is here to assist you for all sorts of queries and solve all your problems regarding Forex. We are available at your service whenever you need us.

Documents required to buy Foreign Currency

The following documents on validation will get you Forex for business trip:

  • A copy of valid passport
  • Copy of visa of the country whose currency you want to buy
  • Confirmed tickets of travel within 60 days from the date of currency purchase
  • PAN Card
  • AADHAR Card

Documents required to get a Forex Card

Following are the documents mandatory to get business Forex:

  • Forex card application form duly filled- You can obtain an application form from your nearest Thomas Cook branch or from the official website and fill it with the requested details.
  • Recent passport-sized photograph – This is required for face identification.
  • A copy of valid passport- This is used as identity proof and nationality proof.
  • Residence proof (a utility bill/ a bank statement/ a rental agreement)
  • Income proof (salary slips/ bank statements)

Advantage of choosing Thomas Cook

  • We are the only ones in the market to promise a home delivery of a Forex card within 2 hours. No other financial entity offers such a service of quick Forex.
  • Our remarkable services like video KYC have enabled us to eliminate the need for customers to visit a branch. You can apply for Forex from the comfort of your homes, at just the use of your fingertips, and at any given time. Most of the procedures at Thomas Cook are completed virtually thus, turning the phrase easy Forex into reality.

We are specialists in Forex and our services are designed keeping in mind customers from all walks of life. Whether you are a student studying in a foreign land, a business traveler, a couple planning for your next trip, etc., we have got your back. Get the most out of your money with the best deals on Thomas Cook’s online portal or visit your nearest branch now.

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