The quiz that all adventurers need when planning their next holiday

South African adventure lovers should take advantage of the upcoming April and May holidays by planning their next exciting getaway and feeding their insatiable appetites for the great outdoors. Take this ‘Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-Style’ quiz, designed by Cape Union Mart, to help pick your perfect adventure based on your specific style. Squiz through the quiz below to find where to go and what to take.

Odile Hufkie, Cape Union Mart’s marketing manager, said, ‘as adventure experts, we wanted to help people plot bucket-list adventures this holiday.’ The quiz will tell if you’re a casual adventurer, thrill seeker, or outdoor lover and then match your interests with local hot spots and must-have gear.

quiz adventurer

Which adventurer are you? Take the quiz:

  • What type of holiday do you prefer?
    1. Relaxing on the beach
    2. Road-tripping through a new province
    3. Getting close to nature in the great outdoors
  • What is your level of physical fitness?
    1. I’m not that active, so I prefer to take it easy and enjoy leisurely activities
    2. I’m fairly active, but nothing too extreme
    3. I’m in great shape and love pushing my limits
  • What is your favorite outdoor activity?
    1. Reading a book on the beach or relaxing by the pool at a game reserve
    2. Going on a hike and trying something new and scenic
    3. Engaging in high-intensity physical activities like bungee jumping or rock climbing
  • How do you feel about camping?
    1. It’s not really my thing
    2. I love roughing it in the great outdoors
    3. I enjoy camping as a way to get closer to nature.
    1. Nope, not at all
    2. Possibly, but I’d need to feel completely safe
    3. Let’s take the leap!
  • What is your ideal holiday destination?
    1. A luxurious resort in the wild
    2. A new city that I can explore
    3. A rugged wilderness area with plenty of outdoor activities
  • What is your level of comfort with heights?
    1. I’m afraid of heights and prefer to stay close to the ground
    2. I’m comfortable with moderate heights but nothing too extreme
    3. I love the adrenaline rush of being at great heights

So, what’s your adventure personality?

The Travel Adventurer (mostly 1s,

quiz adventurer

If you view South Africa as your oyster and want to explore it all, then you’re a travel adventurer. The best part about being a travel adventurer in Mzansi is very few countries can compete with our sheer natural beauty, from mesmerizing mountains to our golden desert landscapes and tranquil beaches for hot, sunny days.

Where you should go:

Your appetite for beauty hot spots means you’d be a great match for the garden routesthe Kruger National Parkor the Elephant Coast,

What you should take:

Capture your experiences with the DJI Mini 3 Pro Drone, with its stunning aerial view video footage and high-resolution photos. Pairing it with its smart controller offers more rotation range for low-angle shots and True Vertical Shooting for endless creative opportunities.

For the casual adventurermostly 2s,

quiz adventurer

You’re a casual adventurer as you enjoy an occasional outdoor adventure, like camping with the family or a relaxed hike with friends.

Where you should go:

There are various camping trails in South Africa where casual adventurers can lose themselves in the great outdoors with the option to pitch their tents and soak in natural surroundings. Adventurers can explore Port Beaufort’s 52.8km Whale Trail or challenge themselves along KwaZulu-Natal’s Nandi Falls Loop,

What you should take:

‘As exciting as it may be to plan an extended hike along one of our country’s adventurous trails, it’s crucial that hikers equip themselves with sturdy and durable footwear made from high-quality and long-lasting materials. This can include the KEEN Women’s Targhee Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots or the K-Way Elements Men’s Nova Shoes,’ adds Hufkie.

For the outdoor adventurermostly 3s,

Person standing on a small rock high above Oribi gorge (canyon) in South Africa.

Outdoor adventurers are known for their bravery and excitement about extreme activities, from bungee jumping to skydiving or kayaking. Whether it’s jumping out of a plane or off a bridge, you’re here for it as long as it’s safe.

Where you should go:

South African outdoor adventurers can get their hearts racing these Easter holidays by jumping off Kloofing Suicide Gorge, which, as the name suggests, is reserved for the fearless and down-right adventurous. It includes a daring combination of breathtaking hiking trails and compulsory jumps of up to 14 metres.

If this didn’t sound thrilling enough, extreme adventurers should visit South Africa’s Wild Swing, the world’s highest gorge swing. This 100-metre swing will give outdoor adventurers the highest, fastest, and steepest swinging experience, in the scenic surroundings of Oribi Gorge.

What should you take,

Consider investing in high-quality gear and equipment to prepare for whatever your adventure throws at you. That includes keeping warm during cold weather with K-Way Men’s Doug Down and Women’s Robin Down jackets. Stay hydrated on long hikes with a Stanley Classic Vacuum Flask.

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