5 North West London walks – FREE Self-Guided Walks & Maps

Today I want to share my picks for the best north west London walks with you. There are lots of good places to get outside in this part of the UK capital, and my free self-guided London walks are convenient ways to explore new and familiar areas. Whether you’re looking to discover big parks or village-like neighbourhoods, these are some of the best walks in north west London. Read on for the walking routes and maps.

North West London Walks

North West London Walks

From Primrose Hill to Hampstead village, my north west London walks span a range of areas. I’ve created free self-guided walks in beautiful places like Highgate and lesser-known areas away from the city center that you’ll enjoy getting to know.

Some of these walks will make you feel like you’re in a fashionable London neighborhood, while others will have you wondering whether you’ve been transported to the English countryside.

Whatever you like, there’s a self-guided walking tour in north west London that will fit your style and let you explore some of the city’s best high streetside streets, and green spaces.

Holly Village, Highgate, North London

You can see more fun walks in the book London’s Hidden Walks aswell. you can get it here, It’s perfect if you love discovering the city’s under-the-radar places.

There are more ideas in my London walking books blog posts, too. From themed walks to popular routes, it has a range of options that will let you find the best ones for your interests.

If you like guided walks, there are plenty to choose from on the GetYourGuide website. I’ve done a lot of tours and trips with them, and I’ve always enjoyed the experiences. you can book one here,

Pink House in Primrose Hill

1. Hampstead Walk

First on my list of north west London walks is one that will guide you through Hampstead, I’ve lived here for years, and it’s still one of my favorite places in the city.

From Hampstead High Street to Flask Walk, the shops on Heath Street to the edge of Hampstead Heath, it will show you the highlights of this village-like part of the UK capital.

My self-guided walking tour in Hampstead will lead you around to beautiful side streets and hidden lanes while showing you the best of the neighborhood’s charming details.

Street in Hampstead, North West London

It will also reveal neighborhood highlights like the most beloved pubs in Hampstead, shops and boutiques, and restaurants and coffee shops. You’ll see some famous Hampstead Museumtoo.

This is one of the best walks in north west London if you enjoy history, pretty streetsand village-like atmosphere in equal measure.

If you want to do this one, you can find the detailed route, map, and photos on my Hampstead Walk blog posts. There’s a video if you want a sneak peek, too.

Wells Tavern Pub, Hampstead

2. Primrose Hill Walk

The second of my of my north west London walks is in Primrose Hill, This London neighborhood is known for its beautiful side streets, colorful houses, and exciting high street.

There’s a park with amazing views of londontoo. right above Regent’s ParkPrimrose Hill is worth the short climb for its panoramas of the city center and beyond.

My self-guided London walk will lead you around Primrose Hill and allow you to see picturesque houses, pretty squares, and the best of the high street.

Primrose Hill Shopfront

The walking route will also take you past local pubs and shops, and let you walk along Regent’s Canal, It has a great mix of things to see.

The route will bring you to a colorful market if you do it on a Saturday, too. It’s a great place to get a snack or picnic to enjoy as you take in the views from the park.

If you’re interested in going on this walk in north west London, head to my Primrose Hill walk posts. It has the full route, photos, video, and map.

Primrose Hill pub in London

3. Highgate Walk

The third of my north west London walks is in Highgate, This leafy village-like neighborhood is full of elegant homes, heritage details, and lush parks.

There’s a famous historical cemetery here, too. Highgate Cemetery is one of the Magnificent Seven Victorian cemeteries in London, and everyone from Karl Marx to George Eliot is buried here.

There are lots of shops, restaurants, and pubs dotted throughout the area, and the side streets have some of the most beautiful (and impressive!) homes in the UK capital. Holly Village is particularly enchanting.

Holly Village, Highgate

This London walking tour will take you through the heart of Highgate and into green spaces like Waterlow Park and Hampstead Heath.

It’s ideal if you want to discover one of the most picturesque north london neighborhoods and feel like you’re a million miles from the city center while you do.

If you’re interested in taking this one, you can head over to my Highgate walk blog post to find the detailed route, photos, and map.

Highgate Cafe in London

4. Hampstead Heath Walk

The fourth of my north west London walks is in Hampstead Heath, This is one of London’s biggest and wildest parks, and it’s worth spending time exploring it.

The Heath has everything from a historic stately home called Kenwood House (it’s now an English heritage site and museum) to one of the best views in London from Parliament Hill.

Add to that walking paths through enchanted woods, bathing ponds (if you’re brave enough to swim in them), and beautiful scenery, and it’s a great place to walk.

Kenwood House, Hampstead Heath

My self-guided route will take you around to the highlights and show you places like the Pergola Garden, The Spaniards Inn pub (it’s rumored to be haunted!), and more.

Along the way you’ll enjoy beautiful views, bucolic scenery, and peaceful surroundings.

If this one sounds like your kind of thing, you can take a look at my Hampstead Heath walk blog post for the detailed route, photos, video, and map.

Hampstead Heath Walk in North West London

5. Hampstead and the Heath Walk

The fifth of my north west London walks are in both Hampstead and Hampstead Heath. This one combines the best of both places to give you a broad overview of the area.

Shorter and less detailed than my other walks in the neighborhood, it aims to show you the highlights rather than go in-depth. It’s a great option if you’re pressed for time or just want a general look around.

If this one sounds appealing to you, you can head over to my blog post about the best walks in london for the route, photo, and map.

Parliament Hill View of London in Hampstead Heath

Walks in North West London

I hope you’ve found inspiration in my list of north west London walks. They’re fun excuses to head outside, get some exercise, and explore beautiful parts of the city. They’re perfect for photos and videos, too.

If you’re interested in more ideas, feel free to check out my blog post with the full list of my self-guided London walking tours, It has all my walks in one convenient place, so you can look through the list and find the ones that appeal to you the most.

my London walking map can help, too. It has an interactive map with all my walks, so you can see which ones are near each other (and which ones can be combined into longer routes).

Hampstead Heath Pond

More Self-Guided Walks in London

I’ve also published blog posts with my north london walks, south london walks, East London Walks, West London Walksand central london walks, You can see routes and maps for other areas of the city on them.

I’ll keep this post updated and add new north west London walks to it as I publish more, too. You can bookmark it or pin it on pinterest for reference if you’d like to. Happy walking!

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North West London Walks

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