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“Travel advisors must take the time to understand why sustainable travel is so important and what climate change is all about,” Nico Nicholas, co-founder & CEO of Trees4Travel tells Canadian Travel Press.

Nicholas observes that: “If they don’t know the basics, they cannot begin to educate their travelers.” And Trees4Travel can help. Read on to find out how, and a whole lot more.

In an exclusive interview with CTP, Nicholas explained that Trees4Travel is an award winning environmental ‘Tech for Good’ company that enables travel and events to be planet and people positive.”

And he explained: “We are dedicated to educating, calculating, and then compensating carbon emissions for the travel industry. Our technology is all FREE and includes a suite of sophisticated calculators that work out the emissions from trips and then translate that into trees – one of the most impactful, tangible, and simple ways to present the complex world of carbon management.”

For the full story, check out the latest issue of the canadian travel press.

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