History & Philosophy of Idol Worship in Hinduism, India : A Short Documentary Videos to Understand the Significance of Indian Temples, Art, and Architecture (Updated)

– clear, systematic explanation on Indian idol worship

Idol Worship is one of the key aspects of Hindu religious practice, where the practice of worshiping God in image form. Hindu Dharma has created a wide framework of spiritual practices and lifestyle choices to suit people of different temperaments and competencies.

In this documentary film, Project Shivoham presents the real story of why Idol Worship has been so revered not just in India but across many civilizations around the world.

This film is a great effort to educate the Youths of India to understand the significance of Bhartiya Temples, Art, and Architecture. This documentary video explains the history of Contentions of Idol Worship, Discovering the Universal Truth, The Bharatiya Philosophy on Idol Worship

Untold Story of Idol Worship in India – Video

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