Dubai Marina Walk – City Tour in Dubai

Dubai Marina happens to be a favorite hangout spots for both locals and tourists and quite rightly so as it is so beautiful that it is bound to have a positive effect on you. It is located right in the middle of Dubai city and is surrounded by tall buildings and it also has a pathway where you can take a lazy stroll. If you like to spend a quiet time then this is the place for you. Are you curious to know more about this place? Well, keep reading as we reveal some interesting details.

A Brief Overview Of Dubai Marina Walk

This is a beautiful walkway that faces the beach and it is neatly decorated with palm trees. There is no doubt that this is the perfect location for you to spend nice and quiet time with family and friends. The view is absolutely breath taking in every way. So, if you are in Dubai, this place is a must visit.

When Should You Visit Dubai Marina Walk

If you are visiting during the winter months, then you can visit at any time of the day as the temperature is tolerable, however, during summer, it is best to visit once the sun has set as during the day the temperature is quite high. At night you can also get a fabulous view of the dancing musical fountain, it is a treat for the eyes. Also, make sure that you take your camera with you to take wonderful pictures of the surroundings.

How Can One Reach This Place

The Dubai Marina Walk

If you decide to take a bus then you need to get down at Jumeirah Bust stop and then the venue is just five minutes away on foot. You also have the option of reaching there by tram, car and metro. This place is noy hard to find you can also ask people for directions if you feel lost.

What Are The Activities To Enjoy At This Place

Here is a list of activities that you can enjoy at Dubai Marina and its surrounding area. Have a read.

1. Mosque Tour

If you are at Dubai Marina Walk, then you can visit The Al Mulla Mosquewhich is beautiful mosque and is lit up with bright lights during the night time, the tour in side the mosque is free and is conducted by a guide who will explain the Different traditions related to Islam, you will also learn a great deal on the history of the mosque.

2. Dhow And Yacht Cruises

Want to get a glamorous view of the Dubai Marina Walk? Well, you can always sign up for a dhow cruise or a yacht tour, These tours are super luxurious and tons of fun. Take a dinner cruise around the area and enjoy a quiet time under the star-filled sky. The cruises also come with dinner and tons of entertainment on board such as Tanoura and Belly dance shows.

Play Areas For Children

Why not take the time out to give your kids a good time? The good thing about the Dubai Marina Walk is that it has many play areas for kids that have climbing frames, swings, and slides. Parents can sit on the benches while their kids play. The play areas have rubberized floors to make sure that kids do not hurt themselves if they fall. If you want to live in this area then there are many serviced apartments.

Another good thing about this area is that it has many spas and beauty salons that you can visit. Are you craving for a foot massage then head over to Chi Foot Spa and get one of their special foot massages.

This area is perfect for taking a quiet stroll as there are dedicated pathways for this activity. You can easily spend many hours walking here and eliminating stress, if you love cycling then this area is ideal for you. The good thing is you can rent bicycles in this area and enjoy your favorite sport.

If you love shopping then at this area you will come across many shopping outlets selling assorted items. You will find products from all up-market brands such as Sephora, Ted Baker, Steve Madden, H&M, and ICONIC. In other words, this place has lots to offer in terms of shopping.

Dubai Marina Walk is blessed with many restaurants, So, if you are love tasting cuisines from all over the world, this is the place for you. You will find many cafes and restaurants that are neatly decorated. If you want a fancy dining experience then you should visit Pier 7, here you can enjoy good food and treat yourself to a fabulous view of the Arabian Gulf. All the restaurants in this area have received very high reviews from customers and food critics alike so there is no way you are going to be disappointed with the food served here.

Final Words

Dubai Marina Walk is a posh neighborhood and it is second to none, the area covers seven kilometers and the beautiful architecture of the place is nothing short of a masterpiece. This is a good place to enjoy some natural beauty and indulge in the luxuries of life. This place is very popular tourist spot and every year thousands of people come here. If you want to avoid running into big crowds then you should visit here during the weekdays as it is comparatively less populated. Now, that you are armed with the right information on this place, it is time that you start planning your trip soon and have a memorable time.

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