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1. Intramuros

If you’re a history buff, head to Intramuros or the Walled City. It’s the oldest district in Manila and used to be the seat of government during the Spanish colonial period. Initially, Intramuros was built as a defense structure. Now, it’s open to everyone who wants to explore centuries of history within the walls. Inside Intramuros, you’ll find cobbled streets, old Spanish houses, and these popular attractions:

Manila Cathedral — This magnificent cathedral is the religious center of the Archdiocese of Manila. The Manila Cathedral holds historical importance and is a prime example of Romanesque Revival architecture. Marvel at the detailed wall carvings, panels, and the 134 elegant stained-glass windows inside. The cathedral’s façade is just as impressive with its stunning sculptures of Roman Catholic saints.

San Agustin Church and Museum , The oldest church in the Philippines is the San Agustin Church. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and features a baroque style of architecture. The church has a rich history and a museum where you can learn all about it. The museum is filled with religious paintings and pieces that show the history of Catholicism in the Philippines.

Fort Santiago — The Spaniards built Fort Santiago in 1571 as a citadel. Today, it’s an impressive historical site with beautiful gardens, plazas, and fountains. It also has different displays relating to the national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. You can find a reproduction of Rizal’s cell, where he was detained, and the courtroom where his trial was held before he was executed.

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2. Rizal Park

Dedicated to the national hero, Rizal Park is an urban central park in Manila. The park’s highlight is the Rizal Monument, which houses the mortal remains of Dr. Jose Rizal. It’s also one of the largest green spaces in Manila and features many beautiful gardens, ornamental lawns, well-groomed flower beds, spacious lawns, and paved walkways. You can also find many local trees and flowers in the park.

3. Divisoria Market

If you’re looking for good bargains, head to Divisoria Market. This commercial district in Manila’s Chinatown is well-known for amazing finds. You can find all types of goods here, including clothes, bags, accessories, textiles, home decor items, office supplies, toys, and many more. You can also find different street foods, fruits, and vegetables. Aside from the vast selection of products, the price is cheap too, as long as you know how to haggle for the price. Just take note that the market can get crowded and chaotic with many bargain hunters. But if you want a unique and exciting shopping experience and incredible bargains, make Divisoria Market part of your itinerary.

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