Ukraine used to be a sacrificial lamb within the Putin-Obama international order Intellectual Judaism – it’s about Judeo-Christian morality of the Nation!

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It appears adore it mignt be true certainly – Ukraine used to be a sacrificial lamb within the Putin-Obama international order

These are the ideas in keeping with the publications of most likely absolute best mavens at the matter corresponding to Andrey Illarionov, Garry Tabach, Mark Solonin.

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With the Obama Presidency, in 2008 a brand new international order started shaping up.

In the brand new international order, the Obama’s America will be the chief of most commonly non-white, predominantly Islamic international locations who’ve the nationwide mindset just about that of Obama himself.

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Under this international order, the Putin’s Russia will be the ruler of the most commonly Orthodox Christianity international locations whom the Russian empire and the Soviet Union dominated within the historical previous.

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The first steps in growing the brand new international order instantly adopted.

Putin helped Obama in putting off many global obstacles in growing the “Islamic nuclear bomb” in Iran and organising anti-Israel Iranian stronghold in Siria.

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At the similar time, Obama helped Putin within the “reunification of Russian lands” – lots of them in Ukraine (Crimea and Donbass). In the Putin’s technique, the remainder of Ukraine, then Moldova, Litva, Latvia, Estonia and Poland are to apply.

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The Intelligence Services of each international locations supplied the arena politicians and information media with the tips manufactured to justify all that.

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At the top of the Obama presidency in 2016, Hillary Clinton used to be decided on to exchange Obama and proceed strengthening the Obama-Putin international order as she did because the Obama’s Secretary of State.

However, abruptly for the Obama’s camp, no longer Hillary Clinton however Donald Trump used to be elected as america President.

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When Donald Trump changed Barak Obama in 2017, the “reunification of Russian lands” in keeping with the Putin-Obama international order stopped. It stopped as a result of Putin obviously understood that Trump isn’t supporting the Putin-Obama international order, and the “reunification of Russian lands” will probably be militarily averted.

The Obama-Putin-staffed Intelligence Services of each international locations started carrying out refined hidden operations to undermine President Trump and overthought him (paralyzing impeachment procedures, a large number of investigations of “his crimes,” fabricated overseas interference, election manipulations, …), they usually succeeded!

Steele's dossier claimed that Donald Trump had enjoyed a night of peeing prostitutes at Moscow's Ritz Carlton — and Putin had a video of the episode.  None of it was verified.

Steele’s file claimed that Donald Trump had loved an evening of peeing prostitutes at Moscow’s Ritz Carlton — and Putin had a video of the episode. None of it used to be verified.

When the Biden-incarnated Obama changed Trump, the “reunification of Russian lands” started instantly alongside the traces of the Putin-Obama international order.

Ukrainian emergency workers carry an injured pregnant woman outside of a bombed maternity hospital in Mariupol, Ukraine, on Wednesday, March 9. Despite efforts to resuscitate the woman and her baby, <a href="https://www.cnn. com/2022/03/14/europe/mariupol-pregnant-woman-baby-death-intl/index.html"  target="_blank">both later died.</a>

Putin moved forward with “reunification of Ukraine” that are supposed to be finished in only a few days. To make it more straightforward for Putin, the Biden-incarnated Obama didn’t give you the weaponry that used to be asked through President Zelensky for protecting Ukraine, or even supplied Zelensky with an American presidential airplane to behead the Ukrainian resistance’s management.

However, one thing sudden came about, and that used to be the desire of the Ukrainian other people and their management to withstand the Russian aggression and to proceed residing underneath their very own historical traditions of person freedoms which might be mainly other from the Russian totalitarian traditions.

ukrainian emblem on ukrainian flag

The Ukrainians have defeated the few-days Russian army process of “reunification of Ukraine” and are actually preventing effectively towards the Russian army. They beaten the brand new Putin-Obama international order.

The European international locations known first the Russian defeat and its danger to all the Europe and feature begun offering Ukraine with the asked guns.

America used to be pressured to apply Europe.

The Putin-Obama international order is useless for now, and their forces are in disarray.

There is just one workable international order, and this order is the Bible-guided order of the Ten Commandments!

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