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I’m presently making an attempt to switch shares of 1 inventory from my demat account to my good friend’s demat account. I’ve adopted the method as talked about in How can I transfer shares from my Zerodha account using CDSL Easiest? ,

Now if I am going to “Transaction Inquiry” in CDSL, the transaction standing is exhibiting as “Txn Ready For DP Auth”.

What do I have to do additional to finish the transaction? Does it want any additional approval? I’ve already tried this yesterday and day earlier than yesterday, however the transaction by no means occurred. Or is there some other factor that may be stopping it (like if it requires the promote quantity money to be current within the recipient’s account)?

No, this isn’t required.

Once you have accomplished all of the steps given within the article, the request for switch can be despatched to your DP (Zerodha on this case) for affirmation. On affirmation, the request is authorized and the switch can be completed. If you may have any queries, you can too create a ticket at our crew will help you with it.

my transaction is getting expired time and again in best ?? what could be the doable resolution to resolve this

Hello, I too am going through similar concern. Did you overcome it but? If so, how?

@ShubhS9 at any time when i’m making an attempt to switch the shared through cdsl best, it will get expires on subsequent day?
even i attempted throughout market hours, nonetheless it obtained expired… can u assist?

Hi @shivam_mishramay you please create a ticket at so our crew can have this checked? You can DM me the ticket quantity in case you have already created.

had given 2 off-market switch of shares from one Zerodha Account to a different Zerodha account and adopted the process however it’s now exhibiting transaction expired standing. please information me why it didn’t occur. How to make it occur. I’ve hooked up the display screen shot from CDSL “Easiest” in your reference. The ref no of the transaction is 19350712 & 19350707. My Ticket no is #20240201185253

Kindly reply to my question. It is now 3 days. please revert

Having similar concern previous a month, they’ve nonetheless not mounted it.

Hi @Tejas_L

may you please create a ticket at , Please DM me the ticket quantity in case you have already created it. Will get it checked with the crew

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