‘I’m the one marrying your son, not you’: Monster-in-law needs ‘second together with her son on the altar,’ will get promptly disinvited from the marriage

Maybe I’m tripping, however I really feel like mothers of boys are often a little strange, Maybe it is simply because it is not a dynamic I relate to, however mothers who’re tremendous possessive of their sons at all times freak me out. I get being protecting, however typically it is too far. I do not wanna get Freudian, however there are too many tales like this to disregard. And it often comes out the strongest when their sons get married off. Then the mothers battle with letting them go, and the brides often get the brunt of it. They shortly change into the opposite girl competing for her son’s consideration, and it hardly ever ends nicely. It, sadly, is a story as outdated as time.

But what makes this story so satisfying is how completely the couple handled this overstepping mother. This Reddit story needs to be disseminated to everybody on this scenario to indicate them how greatest to deal with a monster in law,

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