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Yozora Mel was a Japanese Vtuber that was a part of Hololive’s 1st technology. Mel, whose persona is a vampire from the underworld, steadily grew in presence since her debut in 2018. On January fifteenth, 2024, Hololive introduced they had been terminating Mel’s contract and that her channel and account could be deleted in February 2024 following a breach of contract.


Yozora Mel first created her YouTube channel on April twenty fourth, 2018, a couple of weeks earlier than her official debut stream. Her debut stream came about on May thirteenth, 2018, and was primarily an introduction and speaking to followers stream with out the fanfare that future Hololive Vtubers would have, incomes solely 63,000 views in six years (proven under).

Over the years, Yozora Mel gained recognition for her completely different streams, collaborations, and music. On March ninth, 2020, her first video on her YouTube channel to recover from 1 million views was posted, a music video of her singing the tune Disco Alienwith completely different 2D and 3D animations inside it (proven under).

On January tenth, 2023, Yozora Mel did a collaboration with Amelia Watson and Oozora Subaru which was hyped by the followers as being cross-generational and continental, with Watson being an English talking Vtuber from Hololive EN. A clip from the stream, of the Hololive members doing the standard greeting of smelling one another, was uploaded to YouTube by Hololive Clips on January eleventh, 2023 (proven under).


On January 15, 2024, Cover Corp, the mum or dad of Hololive, introduced Yozora Mel’s termination. In the announcement, it’s acknowledged that the reasoning for her termination was that ‘..Yozora Mel has been partaking in acts that violated her contract by
leaking info that she acquired from the corporate to 3rd events. As a end result, we’ve got
decided that it has develop into tough to proceed managing and supporting her and, with
Agreement from the expertise, we’ve got elected to make this resolution.

Later that day, Yozora Mel went dwell one ultimate time in a goodbye stream by which they made a number of constructive statements in direction of their followers and coworkers. The stream, which might go on to recover from 720,000 views in two weeks, had many followers commenting at their shock and confusion on the state of affairs, which was not elaborated on by Yozora Mel (proven under).

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