The Mug Drama / Strawberry Mug Gate


The Mug Drama or Strawberry Mug Gate refers to a feud between Australian TikTokers Sopha Dopha and Shelby Sherritt wherein they enthralled in a TikTok drama surrounding an AU$ 125 strawberry mug purchased in December 2023. The feud was ignited after Shelby stitched a reply to Shopa’s video in early February 2024, saying her enterprise was affected by the issues the influencer stated about her mug, prompting a debate on the platform the place folks posted TikTok Duets sharing their ideas and opinions over the drama.


On February 1st, 2024, the Australian ceramic artist Shelby Sherritt stitched a video of a December 2023 video from influencer Sopha Dopha wherein she was reviewing some objects she purchased to present family and friends on Christmas. In a specific second of her video, she exhibits a small double-handed strawberry ceramic mug she purchased with out understanding it value 125 Australian Dollars. Shelby responded to Sophia’s video (proven under, left) saying that it was her mug and she or he was the one who served Sophia on the Finders Keepers market. She then explains how she spends “hours and hours” making the mugs and hand paints “each single one” of the merchandise. The video has since been deleted by the creator, however TikTok person @tiktokdirtydeletes reposted the content material, amassing over 698,000 12,000 likes in a day.

On February 2nd, 2024, TikToker @sophadophaa posted a video (proven under, proper) wherein she commented concerning the strawberry mug in her December 2023 procuring video, which was later stitched by Shelby. The put up acquired over 5 million performs and 367,000 likes in three days,

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Sophia Dopha turned conscious of Shelby’s video after folks had been commenting “Why would you mislead hurt a small enterprise?” on her movies. She then posted a response video on February 2nd, 2024, wherein she denies the ceramic’s skilled accusations of injuring her enterprise and reiterates that in her authentic video she by no means stated the worth wasn’t value it and that she was by no means “talked via” the worth or the Strawberry assortment or why the mug had two handles. The put up (proven under) amassed greater than 11 million performs and 894,000 likes in three days since posted on February 2nd, 2024.

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The mug drama rapidly went viral on TikTok, diving folks supporting each side of the story. For occasion, on February 2nd, 2024, TikTok person @koolahgwallis posted a video concerning the drama, utilizing Ariana Grande’s single “Yes, And” stating she sides with Shopa within the feud. The put up (proven under, left) acquired over 1 million performs and 109,000 likes in three days. On February third, 2024, TikTok person @rubyguestt wrote an overlay textual content saying she watched greater than 50 movies about Shopa and Shelby mug drama (proven under, proper), amassing over 1 million performs and 87,000 likes in two days.

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