Radha Mohan third February 2024 Written Episode Update

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Summary Main Story: Radha Mohan Main Story Still Has To Come Please Hold On with Us…

Newscast Live Days: monday to friday

TV Show Language: Hindi

Current Begin Update: third February 2024:(03/02/2024)

learn Radha Mohan third February 2024 Written Episode Update on Our Official website Firstpostofindia.com. Now, Radha Mohan 3 February 2024 Written Episode Update Starts with Radha stated Mohan that what is going on on with him. Mohan tells her that he’s urgent her results in mild of the truth that Tulsi will stay in his room from right this moment. He stated that she tried to know him. He tells that Tulsi emerged from excessive lethargies as of late to allow them to’t give shock and stress to Tulsi. She lets him know that he modified in a day. She finds out if he really imagines that girl is Tulsi. He tells her that he conversed with the physician. Tulsi comes there and watches the bag. She finds out if he’s going wherever. Mohan deceives her that he stuffed his outdated clothes. He offers that bag to Radha.

He lets Radha know that he would not trouble with these clothes and Tulsi wants house to maintain her clothes within the pantry. Tulsi goes near cupboard. Radha finds out if he’s advising her to go away the room. Mohan says what’s going on is this manner. He vows to come back clear to Tulsi when perfect alternative comes (Title melody performs behind the scenes). Radha gestures at him and leaves the room. She opinions that how she went into the home and Mohan’s room. She cries. Mohan calls Radha. Radha lets him know that she realized he is not going to do that. He offers Master Krishna’s revered picture to her.

She will get surprised watching this. Tulsi shuts the door from inside. Kaveri reminds Radha that previously the latter toss Damini from Mohan’s life and his room. she tells that right this moment Tulsi toss Radha from Mohan’s life and his room. She provides that she is fulfilled. Kadambari comes there. Kaveri and Kadambari chuckles at one another. Kadambari lets Kaveri know that the latter has each one of many freedoms to stay blissful. she tells that they misplaced Damini and Radha will lose every part.

Kaveri tells that it is going to be enjoyable since this night is the primary night of Mohan and Tulsi. Kadambari lets Radha know that the latter halted Damini, but Radha can do nothing now. She tells that Radha stated Damini is different woman in Mohan’s life. Kaveri stated Radha that who’s different woman in Mohan’s life right this moment. She tells that Radha cannot inform she adores Mohan a lot and simply Radha has freedoms on Mohan. Radha embraces Kaveri.

Kaveri lets Kadambari know that it looks like Radha turns into upset. Radha tells that she would have battled for her affection no matter whether or not that girl was Tulsi. She provides that she will not enable something to occur to Mohan and Tulsi. Kadambari and Kaveri go away from that time. Radha thumps the door. Mohan opens the door. She advises him to keep away from the room else toss Tulsi with regard to the room. Tulsi stated what occurred. Mohan takes Gungun’s identify. Tulsi hurries to Gungun’s room.

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