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Pokimane Twitch Retirement refers back to the occasion wherein the content material creator and Twitch streamer Pokimane introduced her departure from the livestreaming web site. This announcement, speculated by followers to be coming over the previous two years, brought on a reverberation throughout the streaming group with varied completely different reactions and memes happening.


In the previous, the Twitch streamer Pokimane had introduced lessening her streaming on Twitch, as an alternative desirous to concentrate on different tasks reminiscent of Instagram and TikTok. On September 2nd, 2022, the TikToker nolaggaming uploaded Pokimane’s authentic video about her decreasing her Twitch streams whereas commenting and summarizing it, incomes over 5,800 likes in two years (proven beneath).

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On January thirtieth, 2024, Pokimane lastly introduced the whole finish to her Twitch livestreaming with a put up on her official X account. In the put up, Pokimane confirmed how she was the face of the app, because of her getting used within the iPhone app retailer promotional picture for Twitch, and that it’s the finish of an period, incomes over 3.2 million views in 4 hours (proven beneath).

Online Reactions

The reactions to her retirement had been instantaneous, with a lot of her fellow Twitch streamers chiming in on her standing to put up heartfelt messages to her. Other streamers, nonetheless, had been fast to note one thing concerning the announcement and responses. On January thirtieth, 2024 the streamer Cinna observed that the wording of the reply from Twitch, in addition to Pokimane’s contract being up quickly on the web site, meant that Pokimane may return to streaming later and is not totally quitting (proven beneath).

Not everybody had a robust response to Pokimane’s information, nonetheless, as some had been detached and selected to specific this indifference. On January thirtieth, 2024, the TikToker mendy_yer uploaded her retirement message whereas exhibiting that her Tier 3 subs will probably be crying, however the majority of individuals is not going to care about her, a sentiment shared in varied posts about Pokimane’s retirement (proven beneath).

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