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Jaskiran Chopra

The partition couldn’t divide the composite tradition and literature of Punjab.It runs within the blood of the individuals and makes the geographical division meaningless.The well-known nazm of famend Punjabi poet Amrita Pritam is considered her masterpiece and it introduced her nice fame on the age of 28. It was the primary main literary expression on the ache and anguish of the partition. It captured the hearts of individuals on each side of the border because it expressed their ache with out mentioning any neighborhood or faith.Ajj Aakhaa’n Waris Shah Nu is the title of the nazm she wrote in November 1947 whereas she was on a prepare from Dehradun. to Delhi. She had been in Dehradun for a while after leaving Lahore. Little will need to have she identified that this poignant poetic attraction to Waris Shah would make her immortal.Even right this moment individuals on each side recite and sing this nazm which urges the nice Sufi poet to rise from his grave and check out Punjab that has been soaked in blood and the daughters of Punjab have been ravaged by the mad violence.

It is so fascinating to know that well-known poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz mentioned that he learn this nazm whereas he had been imprisoned and when he got here out, he discovered that folks had been reciting it on the streets and tea outlets of Lahore.Just as Waris Shah and his nice work titled Heer Waris Shah is frequent to individuals on each side, so is Amrita’s nazm that strikes individuals to tears.She tells Shah, who’s now considered a Peer, to put in writing a brand new web page within the historical past of Punjab. He ought to rise and do one thing for the weeping daughters of Punjab. For Heer, he wrote reams. Today, 1000’s of Heers are being tortured, humiliated and killed.These daughters, says Amrita, are wanting in the direction of Shah.Heer’s uncle Qaidon poisoned her.Today, so many Qaidons are stealing love and sweetness. Where ought to we search for one other Waris Shah?

I’m sharing the key a part of the nazm with its English translation by Khushwant Singh…

Ajj Aakha,’n Waris Shah nu,kito’n kabara ‘n vicho’n bole,te ajj bookaab e love da koi agla varqa phol,Ik roeee si dhihi Punjab di,tu likh likha maare wain,ajj lakh dhhiyaa,’n He mentioned, he gave the blood to the inheritor of Shah, he gave it to his Punjab, Ajj white physique, he drank the blood of the nice Chenab, the farmer didn’t drink the blood of his blood, he didn’t give that blood to him. Oh my God, I’ve change into your love, oh my God, I’ve given you all my blessings, my blood has change into my soul, my blood is flowing on the earth, I’ve by no means been capable of finding you, I like you a lot, I’m right here with you, I do know you. Qaidon ban gaye, magnificence of affection of the guts, irrespective of which era I learn, Waris Shah is right here? No one is aware of Waris Shah, nobody has mentioned any grave, nobody has given like to this ebook.

To Waris Shah, I flip right this moment

Speak up from the graves amid which you lie.

In our ebook of affection, flip the brand new leaf

When one daughter of the Punjab did cry, you crammed pages with songs of lamentation

Today 100 daughters cry, O Waris Shah, to talk to you,

O good friend of the sorrowing, rise and see your Punjab,

corpses are strewn on the pasture, blood runs within the Chenab,

Some hand had combined poison in our 5 rivers, the rivers in flip had irrigated the land, the place the windpipe trilled songs of affection, that flute has been misplaced,

Ranjha and his brothers have misplaced the artwork,

Blood retains falling upon the earth, oozing out drop by drop from graves,

the queens of affection weep in tombs,It appears all individuals have change into Qaidons,thieves of magnificence and love,

the place ought to I get your hands on one other Waris Shah?Waris Shah,open your grave,write a brand new web page within the ebook of affection.

This nazm will all the time be related on the earth the place bloodshed and senseless violence occurs typically. It is a poet’s plea to humanity to maneuver in the direction of love and sweetness.Her private ache turned the voice of the individuals and even right this moment, this nazm is recited and sung on the Dargah of Waris Shah at Jandiala Sher Khan the place the poet was born.It is in Sheikhupura close to Sialkot.An annual Urs is held there and Heer is sung at massive gatherings all year long.The Punjabi Sufi poet is now saint Waris Shah whose mazar is visited by individuals from each side of Punjab and others too.The nazm is secular in nature and thus belongs to your complete humanity.

The story of Heer and Ranjha introduced by Waris Shah in his 1766 work was fairly completely different from some earlier variations that had been penned.His model has remained essentially the most cherished and supreme narration of the legend which got here into Punjab’s folklore after which into literature. Shah wrote the love story to boost and beautify the legend whereas depicting the society, establishments,customs,language and landscapes of Punjab.His work is the most effective inventive expression of Punjabi genius.Renowed movie maker Chetan Anand has immortalized the story in his 1970 movie Heer Ranjha which had dialogues in poetry written by Kaifi Azmi and enchanting music by the nice Madan Mohan.The movie Pinjar,primarily based on Amrita Pritam’s story had this nazm on Waris Shah sung by Wadali brothers.This Qissa of Heer and Ranjha ,down the centuries. ,has fired the creativeness of artistes on each side of the border,giving rise to work,songs,poetry,dramas and movies.

It is believed that this was a real story because the graves of the 2 lovers exist in Pakistan. However it modified down the years and this story of timeless tragic love turned bigger than life. In Waris Shah’s Heer, the character of Ranjha is sort of much like that of Waris himself.The tune by which the verses of his Heer are sung has existed since his personal occasions.I grew up listening to Heer being sung by individuals within the household.

This lovely lament was the primary main poetic expression of the horrors of the partition and can thus all the time have a really particular place in literature.

(The writer is a senior journalist. Views expressed are private)

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