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Shell-Shocked Laughter: Egg Memes That Are Egg-stremely Hilarious!

You all might have observed that there’s scarcity of eggs and due to which the egg costs have out of the blue skyrocketed. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the present common value for a carton of eggs is simply over $4 a carton. The main cause there may be scarcity of eggs is due to the avian flu that’s wiping out egg-producing hens.

These days earlier than shopping for the a carton of eggs, we’re all trying to find the worth tags as an alternative of cracked eggs. While this complete egg scenario has turn out to be eggspensive it has additionally made method for some funny egg memes. So, if you’re lacking out in your favourite Omlette or completely performed scrambled eggs, we’ve got an ideal method to cheer you up with hilarious egg memes.

1 – A guys gotta earn cash

2 – When the funds of recipe goes overboard

3 – Back within the day…

4 – Chicken after the worth of eggs went up

5 – Dating websites this week

6 – Impress her with somebody eggspensive

7 – How to resolve egg scarcity downside

8 – When you purchase a dozen eggs

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9 – Rappers exhibiting off their wealth in 2023

10 – Just struck gold right this moment

11 – Never change!

12 – Meanwhile at Grocery shops

13 – Mysterious!

14 – Remember higher instances…

15 – All I Have In This World Is My Eggs, And I Don’t Break ’em For No One!

16 – Symbols of wealth by means of time

17 – When she says “Take Me Somewhere Expensive”

18 – You Know What You Have To Gift Her This Expensive

19 – Just A Neighbor Showing Off

20 – Where I Keep My Eggs These Days






25 Egg Memes That Will Crack You Up! - Funny

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