Auto drivers must be compensated.

There are good well being packages and free buses for ladies, however on the similar time, Harish Rao stated that the federal government must also take the issues of auto staff into consideration. Don’t kill one other particular person with the intention of doing good to a different particular person. If the federal government does good for one part, the opposite part criticizes it. introduced telanganaAuto drivers have misplaced their jobs within the state, demanding the federal government to right away rent 6 lakh auto drivers within the state. Harish Rao stated that he’ll combat on behalf of BRS till justice is given to the auto staff.

Fighting within the meeting..

Harish Rao stated that he’ll combat for auto drivers within the meeting additionally if needed. Promised to current their issues within the Assembly. Harish Rao began auto drivers’ sports activities competitions at Siddipet Degree College grounds. Establishing auto staff society could be ideally suited for the state. 1480 auto drivers are stated to be members of the society. सिद्धिपेटकु कुनियादर्व auto drivers model ambassadors. The company coming to town are respectfully escorted to their vacation spot. The authorities has now criticized such individuals, Harish Rao.

Rs.15 monthly..

Harish Rao demanded to pay Rs 15 monthly as compensation to the auto drivers who’ve been harassed beneath the Free Transport Scheme for ladies in RTC buses. It will probably be helpful for them as a supply of livelihood. The authorities desires to rescue these thrown on the street. Said to place strain on the federal government to offer employment to auto drivers. Harish Rao promised to combat on their behalf.

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