Bolloré Logistics Achieves Remarkable Feat: Transporting Massive Drilling Rig from Argentina to Mongolia

Bolloré Logistics Chile has achieved a exceptional logistical achievement, efficiently overseeing the transportation of a colossal cell drilling rig from Argentina to Mongolia. The rig, comprising 5 elements with a complete quantity of 650 cubic meters and an astonishing weight of 118 tonnes, posed a big problem for the logistics crew. The operation, executed in late August of the earlier yr, required meticulous coordination and collaboration amongst Bolloré Logistics places of work in Argentina, Chile, Canada, and China.

Ensuring a seamless door-to-door resolution, the crew navigated the advanced journey via Argentina, Chile, China, and at last, Mongolia. Special trailers have been employed to move the rig’s parts via Chile by street, adopted by sea transport from Lirquen to Shandong in China. Subsequently, 4 vehicles transported the equipment to its final vacation spot in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The total course of demanded exact planning and execution to ensure the rig’s protected arrival with out disruptions.

The logistical feat additionally concerned using port equipment storage companies to safeguard the rig throughout transit, guaranteeing that every element remained safe and intact till the ultimate handover. Jorge Anacona, Managing Director of Bollore Logistics Chile, expressed gratitude to the groups and places of work concerned, emphasizing the business’s means to beat extraordinary challenges. He highlighted the corporate’s experience in managing large-scale logistics tasks via the profitable implementation of door-to-door options.

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