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Guy Stuck In Vase additionally recognized on-line as Urn Guy is the title given to a person named Connor who discovered himself caught in a vase at his buddy’s wedding ceremony. The technique of getting him out of the vase turned a viral thread on memes and references made to his predicament and the way he appeared being caught within the vase.


On January 1st, 2024, the In the thread, they detailed how the particular person was being consoled by these round him as a sledgehammer was being situated, and talked about his eventual freedom (proven beneath).

On January sixth, 2024, the Redditor u/EricArtr uploaded video footage of the occasion in query, naming the man as Connor and displaying him laying on the bottom caught within the Urn as folks tried to assist him get out of it to no avail. The video would achieve over 6,300 upvotes in two days (proven beneath). On

On January seventh, 2024, the will be seen speaking to the group of individuals round him, with him being teased by others for being caught within the urn, earlier than it rapidly cuts to footage of the folks utilizing a hammer to destroy a part of the urn and begin to free him (proven beneath).


The video displaying Connor’s predicament rapidly went viral on X, resulting in lots of memes and references being made at his expense. On January seventh, 2024, the Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy during which the principle character is a person caught in a big pot and solely has a hammer to make use of to maneuver round, with the caption saying to get (Connor) a hammer (proven beneath).

Javis @JavisRahman Someone get that man a hammer!!!!!!!  11:52 PM Jan 7, 2024 48.9K Views .

On January seventh, 2024, the QRT’d the footage of Connor being caught within the vase from the primary video, claiming that it’s a part of a ritual carried out in Mountain Brook Alabama during which a drunk man is put in an urn to see if he can free himself, along with his eventual outcome being the identical as Groundhog Day (proven beneath).

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IT'S BIRTHDAY MONTH @DadBodTee.  2h Guys would rather get stuck in an urn rather than go to therapy 00:17/ 00:43 Matthew @gravywizard.  2h It's only the beginning of January and we already have bass pro shop guy and urn guy, this year is gonna ROCK Ryan O'Connell @ryanoconnell 79. 11h Selena filling Taylor in on this thing with the guy getting stuck in a vase at a wedding.  His name's Connor.  Yes, totally happened.  #GoldenGlobes 0:00 HOW Guy Wire @fambonijones Jan 3 when your buddy just inhaled 8 whiskey sours and climbed into the decorative urn.

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