Computer Stolen from 5T School: Accused Arrested |


Paralakhemundi-At Ashrayagada of Gumma block in 5T transformed High School laptop stolen from E-Library room. On behalf of faculty a criticism registered at Serango police station. After receiving criticism,by the instruction of Ashok Kumar Hansada IIC a group rounded up the college space. Gumma Outpost incharge Prafulla Jagaranga began investigation & may strangulate one accused.

After interrogation the accused Nibas Chandra Raito(28) of Simbla village confessed relating to the stolen laptop & confronted difficulties to promote that one. He surrendered & determined to return the pc. That accused forwarded to Court. Still suspicion brewing on others on stolen of computer systems & different gadgets guessed by faculty instructing employees as a result of one individual couldn’t steal so many equipment.3 computer systems,4 CPOs & a speaker handed over to high school employees.

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