Why is zerodha charging extra AMC price than it claims?

This is to tell you that your account is due for Rs. 75 + 18% GST in the direction of quarterly demat account upkeep cost (AMC) for 26-06-2023 to 24-09-2023 and will likely be charged tomorrow.

I obtain such messages as soon as in each 90 days or so concerning the AMC charges charged by Zerodha. As you see this price is for 90 days, NOT 1 / 4.

Zerodha formally says that it fees 300/- per yr, plus GST see https://support.zerodha.com/category/account-opening/charges-at-zerodha/statutory-and-exchange/articles/what-is-the-annual-maintenance-charge

That is 300/- for twelve months.

But they’re really charging 75/- for 90 days – which is Rs. 304.17 for a yr

That is 4.17/- further per individual per yr, not a lot for a single buyer.

Zerodha has about 6.5 million prospects!

Do the mathematics, it’s roughly 2.8 crore rupees further yearly!

Sure @nithin and workforce have some fancy excuse!!

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