Ninja’s Times Square Floss Fail


Ninja’s Times Square Floss Fail refers to a failed try by Mixer streamer tyler “Ninja” Blevins to get attendees of the Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration in New York to carry out the floss dance, Additionally, a captioned picture of Ninja saying “I’m not seeing sufficient motion” gained recognition as an image macro,


On October twenty seventh, 2018, Twitch streamer Ninja introduced that on December thirty first, 2018, he could be internet hosting a 12-hour NYE celebration stream on the Times Square in New York. The occasion was closely marketed on Twitch, with adverts for the upcoming stream displaying up on the primary web page and varied channels.

On December thirty first, in the course of the stream, Ninja made an try to get a million folks to carry out floss dance on the similar time. While a number of folks joined the dance, nearly all of the occasion attendees ignored the request.

I’m not seeing sufficient motion! Oh my god! It’s not that large.

Notable Developments

On December thirty first, Redditor Curdoz uploaded the fragment of the stream to /r/cringe subreddit. The put up obtained over 20,300 upvotes and 1,500 feedback in 9 days. On the identical day, Ninja acknowledged the mishap in a tweet,

On January 2nd, Redditor GouletJosh uploaded a shorter clip to /r/WatchPeopleDieInside subreddit, the place it gained over 75,900 upvotes and 4,200 feedback in every week.

On January 3th, 2019, YouTuber PewDiePie talked concerning the occasion in his video.

Ninja’s failed try to get the group to bounce was coated by a number of media retailers, together with Dexerto, Comicbook and Junkee.

I’m Not Seeing Enough Movement

On January eleventh, 2019, Redditor aaaatlas uploaded a captioned picture from the stream to /r/pewdiepiesubmissions subreddit. The put up gained over 33,800 upvotes in 12 hours.

Me: refreshes meme* Upvotes: *don't change* I'm not seeing ehough movement

On the identical day, extra posts containing the macro appeared in /r/dankmemes subreddit.

When you enter a room full of unvaccinated children not seeing enough movement when you f--- your hamster for the 7th time I'm not seeing enough movemeht When you're waiting for the stream sniper to dance so you can get him permabanned I'm not seeing enough movement

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