See The Winner Of December 2023’s Meme Of The Month!

And the meme of December 2023 goes to…

Ho ho ho! It should be a Christmas miracle, however Jollyposting, which we had within the backside half of our record final month, formed up properly right into a jollier, merrier and extra developed model of itself. The meme, which entails making Christmas-themed edits of in style GIFs and movies (usually by changing profanities with “Merry Christmas!”) has confirmed to be each hilarious and adaptable, and what else might you want for an ideal vacation format? Top spot with 19 p.c of whole votes.

The right gift under the wrong tree can make all the difference in the workshop.  So, jingle up, Mr.  Freeman, jingle up and carol the bells jolly people when you tell them there will be holiday cheer and festivities at the function Mods, Fill his stocking with coal.  GOATCHAOSGUY TI

Kurt Angle’s 1000 Yard Stare

Just beneath the primary place with 15 p.c of whole votes now we have none aside from Kurt Angle casting that 1,000 yards old of his proper straights by you. What may be described as “shellshocked,” the expression the skilled wrestler made in his TikTookay”: conveys inner struggling and screams ache louder than precise screaming ever might, which turned the clip into an ideal caption materials. Blink twice if every part’s okay, Kurt.

We’re Gonna Have to Kill This Guy, Steven

While “We’re gonna have to kill this guy, Steven.” did not originate in December – artist House of Decline posted the unique comedian again in April this yr – the format actually blossomed this month after Twitter consumer @g4teway31 introduced it again with a well timed redraw, The breakingbad-esque dynamic proved to be a good way for exploring surprising team-ups and crossovers, and now will get a bronze medal with 14 p.c of whole votes.


Chipi Chipi Chapa Chapa / “Dubidubidu”

Another meme that first appeared a couple of months again however took its candy time to unlock its potential, Chipi Chipi Chapa Chapa began as an animation of boykisser that was paired with a 2010 tune by Chilean youngster singer Christell. After a few months of stewing on TikTookay, the meme reached an earworm standing after it was mixed with an animation of cat bobbing its head. We cannot get “Chipi Chipi Chapa Chapa” out of heads, and neither it will likely be leaving voluntarily any time quickly – fourth place with ten p.c of whole votes.

Spotify Wrapped Sound Towns

Were you assigned to Berkley this Spotify Wrapped season? A fellow Portlander, perhaps? Have you been hanging out in Davis with all the opposite Ok-pop stans? This yr’s Spotify Wrapped not solely cemented its place as a world vacation for melomaniacs worldwide, but in addition added a music-taste-based dispatch coverage, segregating hyperpop followers from phonk appreciators and assigning them to cities and cities the place the aggregated music style appeared to match. Poking enjoyable at one another’s music preferences isn’t a miss – fifth place with ten p.c of whole votes.

Gae Sremmurd @ourfirstcaress nicole boyce @nicolewboyce well i'm off to Burlington 11:23 AM .  Nov 29, 2023 229K Views : they said i'm vermont coded Burlington, USA People there are far more likely to be fans of Built To Spill, The Velvet Underground, and Stereolab.

Andrew and Ashley Graves Redraws

A household portrait format with a dastardly twist, Andrew and Ashley Graves Redraws relies, in fact, on the probably incestuous dynamic from the viral indie sport The Coffin of Andy and Leyley that you have in all probability heard about by now. However, nothing concerning the format actually offers away that vibe, nevertheless it’s nonetheless there. because, you know, of the implication, Sixth place with six p.c of whole votes.

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And now the codecs that we simply did not have the guts to inform that you just did not like them as a lot, the center youngsters of December. Here we bear in mind the platinum hit Last Rizzmas I Gave You My Gyatt and an assortment of Rizzmas Carols (6%), the spectacular Master Debater aka “Both” Guy (5%), HBomberguy’s “Plagiarism and You(Tube) video and its consequences (5%), all of the recently discovered instances of reincarnation we celebrated (4%), media if it was written like Helluva Bossthe brand new, scantily-clad Twitch meta (2%), Tiger Wood’s dabbing his son up big dog style (1%), and that white woman screaming GIFcourtesy of Hideo Kojima (1%).

See The Winner Of December 2023's Meme Of The Month! YOU CAN'T REFUSE THE QUESTION!  YES, I CAN.
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See The Winner Of December 2023's Meme Of The Month! Smitty Werbenjagermanjenson @chiddenxNuddet Me to my wife: III.  4 Big dog.  spooooook @throne_ofbones.  Dec 25 calling your partner A PokoSnowKone @Pokochokos When I'm midway through the goonsesh and they take away the Hello Neighbor xbox disc II GIF 10:46 PM - Dec 7, 2023 643.2K Views :

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