“When They Go Low, I Go Lower”


“When They Go Low, I Go Lower” refers to a quote from American politician Eric Mays throughout a council assembly in July 2022. The second was resurfaced on TikTok in March 2023 and changed into a viral sound wherein individuals joked about being left on learn or different relationship-themed issues that required the individual to “go decrease.”


Originally recorded on July eleventh, 2022, Eric Mays’ earliest discovered put up of his quote was uploaded on TikTok by person @.destinyrenee_ on March tenth, 2023. The video (proven beneath) reveals the politician giving a motivational speech throughout a council assembly in wherein he says the road “When they go low, I am going decrease.” The put up amassed over 2.5 million performs and 452,000 likes in 10 months.

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@.destinyrenee_’s put up was changed into a viral sound on TikTok, getting used for greater than 39,000 different movies. For occasion, on May nineteenth, 2023, TikTok person @mr.prada728 used Mays’ audio for a video with the overlay textual content “When he mentions 1 woman so now I gotta point out 17 ladies.” The video (proven beneath, left) acquired over 3 million performs and a couple of.9 million likes in eight months. On April twelfth, 2023, TikTok person @caintrent used the politician’s video (proven beneath, proper) as an exploitable alongside the overlay textual content “When I get left on delivered and so I block them.” The put up amassed roughly 3 million performs and 1.2 million likes in 9 months.

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they go low i obtained decrease rt:

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