What is GEX? The Ultimate Guide to Gamma Exposure

What is GEX? GEX or Gamma publicity, is a crucial idea on the earth of choices buying and selling, holding the important thing to understanding how market individuals react to cost actions.


Gamma publicity, generally referred to as GEX, measures the change in delta publicity for choices based mostly on a 1% change within the underlying worth.

Delta publicity represents the choice market’s directional publicity to the underlying asset.

GEX seems to be to quantify the speed of change in delta publicity throughout all choices for a specific asset.

It gives insights into how a lot volatility the choices market can take in from worth modifications.

GEX is calculated by taking the change within the whole delta publicity for a 1% hypothetical transfer up and down within the underlying worth.

See beneath for an instance:

– Current SPY Price: $100

– Total Delta if SPY strikes 1% right down to $99: -5,000

– Total Delta if SPY strikes 1% as much as $101: +7,000

– GEX = Change in Delta / 1% transfer = (7,000 – -5,000) / 1 = 12,000

The greater the GEX worth, the extra delicate the choices are to fast worth actions.

GEX reveals how a lot leveraged directional publicity exists throughout all strikes and expirations.

It helps gauge whether or not a swift transfer in both course may overwhelm the choices market-making capability.

This has occurred a number of instances just lately in Gamma Squeeze occasions.

In retail buying and selling, a person’s gamma place refers as to whether you might be long or short gammawhich has implications for the way the trades might be impacted by volatility.

Long Gamma Position

A protracted or optimistic gamma place usually happens when a dealer owns the choices, both calls or places.

Long gamma positions profit from rising volatility, and consequently, this normally has a optimistic affect on worth.

Think of it this manner: with rising volatility, there’s a greater chance an choice may find yourself within the cash, which makes it extra invaluable.

Short Gamma Position

A brief or unfavourable gamma place usually happens when a dealer sells or writes choices.

Short gamma trades profit from both stagnant or decreasing volatility,

Conversely to the lengthy gamma commerce above, as volatility decreases, so do the percentages of a contract ending up within the cash; This eats away on the premium and advantages an choice author.

So, how do you monitor gamma positioning?

One means is to research the open curiosity of choices at numerous strike costs.

This can provide merchants an estimation of the web gamma positioning of the general choices market.

Gamma publicity will be calculated utilizing numerous free scripts and websites on the web.

However, numerous paid instruments exist that may robotically monitor the GEX positioning.

The graph to the left is a free script that may be run regionally in Python with free knowledge. Let’s check out what this positioning can imply.

what is gex

If most open curiosity and gamma are concentrated in out-of-the-money name choices, it signifies extra optimistic gamma positioning.

This means the delta will improve quickly if the underlying worth rises.

Traders can use this evaluation to anticipate {that a} transfer up might speed up as sellers turn into shorter gamma and must hedge their positions by shopping for extra of the underlying.

Analyzing the form of the gamma publicity throughout strikes permits merchants to estimate the place gamma might flip from optimistic to unfavourable.

This space, referred to as the gamma flip level, signifies the value the place volatility growth might flip into volatility contraction.

Monitoring the gamma positioning and flip level can provide key insights into potential future volatility.

Gamma publicity has a direct impact on implied volatility within the markets.

As gamma publicity will increase, it will probably correlate with elevated market volatility.

This is as a result of excessive gamma means choices are extra delicate to modifications within the underlying asset worth.

Smaller worth actions can set off bigger reactions from choices, main to greater swings within the total markets attributable to supplier/market maker adjusting.

When many choices are clustered round a specific strike worth, it creates concentrated pockets of gamma threat.

As the underlying asset approaches these gamma strike zones, it will probably set off fast expansions in implied volatility attributable to hedging or market maker unwinding; this phenomenon is named a ‘Gamma Squeeze.’

vanna and charm are two Greek metrics associated to gamma that may additionally affect volatility. Here’s a fast overview of every:


Vanna measures the speed of change of delta relative to modifications within the underlying worth. In different phrases, it reveals how a lot delta modifications because the inventory worth strikes.

This property makes Vanna a second by-product of worth because it measures the speed of change of delta.

A excessive optimistic Vanna can amplify volatility growth on upside worth swings, and a excessive unfavourable Vanna can broaden volatility on draw back swings.

What is Charm?

Charm is a barely simpler idea.

This Greek measures the time decay worth of delta, so how a lot delta will change as time passes and the value stays stagnant.

These two second-order Greeks are solely actually vital on a conceptual stage except you propose on buying and selling gamma or need to get into algorithmic buying and selling.

The Gamma metric has exploded in reputation lately, as many instruments have turn into obtainable for retail merchants, and volatility spikes have turn into extra frequent.

This reputation is usually a double-edged sword.

While it’s turning into simpler for retail merchants and buyers to make the most of gamma of their buying and selling, it additionally signifies that the sting is slowly (or not so slowly) disappearing as its use turns into normalized and accepted by on a regular basis buyers.

One of the occasions which will assist hold gamma as a related buying and selling device, no less than within the brief time period, is the addition of Weekly and Daily choices on an increasing number of devices.

These will proceed to skew Gamma readings and produce alternatives for merchants till they turn into normalized.

To actually assist keep forward of the curve on gamma and its makes use of, merchants ought to look to quantitative and tutorial papers for probably the most cutting-edge analysis.

While gamma publicity can present helpful alerts, like each device, there are some potential Drawbacks.

Oversimplification – Retail merchants run the danger of oversimplification of this metric. GEX gives an combination snapshot of gamma positioning. However, it doesn’t present the nuanced particulars of particular strikes and expirations. It can also be consistently up to date intraday with new opening and shutting trades. This makes it troublesome to remain updated on precisely what is going on within the reside market.

Not a Trading System – Besides oversimplification, GEX shouldn’t be a standalone buying and selling system. It is a supply of market knowledge that can be utilized to tell buying and selling selections, however relying solely on GEX to commerce may very well be problematic.

Data limitations – Retail merchants would not have a whole image of gamma positioning from all market individuals. While many instruments are wonderful, they’re all nonetheless very correct estimations.

Constantly Changing – Gamma publicity shifts quickly with worth actions. Historical GEX ranges present little steering on present dangers. Traders should keep nimble, particularly after massive worth actions.

Gamma charts visualize the mixture gamma publicity for an index or inventory over time. They permit merchants to rapidly establish areas the place gamma is rising or lowering.

There are a couple of key issues to search for on a gamma chart.

We will use the beneath GEX chart on the SPX for example.

This chart comes courtesy of UnusualWhales.

Gamma Levels

– Higher gamma ranges point out elevated sensitivity to cost modifications.

A gamma of 0.05 means a 1% transfer within the underlying worth will affect choices costs by 5%.

– Lower gamma ranges round 0.01-0.02 are extra steady.

But decrease gamma means much less safety in opposition to massive, quick worth swings.

what is gex

Gamma Flip Regions

– Danger zones are areas the place gamma flips from optimistic to unfavourable or vice versa.

– A optimistic to unfavourable gamma flip might set off cease losses on a downward worth transfer.

– A unfavourable to optimistic flip may imply a squeeze up as market makers hedge.

As choices strategy expiration, gamma publicity can change dramatically and have an effect on pricing and volatility noticeably.

Here’s what merchants must know:

Gamma will increase exponentially as choices get nearer to expiration.

This is as a result of there are fewer days left for the underlying worth to probably transfer, so delta modifications occur quicker per unit of worth change.

This “gamma ramp” impact causes fast modifications within the delta and will increase sensitivity to the underlying worth as expiration nears.

Small worth actions can set off enormous swings in choices pricing.

Be conscious of expirations with massive open curiosity on key strikes.

The gamma unloading could cause a brief squeeze or selloff because it declines.

This will be significantly vital round massive expiration dates just like the quad witching Fridays.

Gamma is usually a very highly effective addition to a retail dealer’s toolbox.

While Gamma/GEX shouldn’t be a standalone system, the knowledge it will probably present can save a dealer from coming into or exiting at probably poor values.

As it turns into extra mainstream, the amount and high quality of the obtainable instruments will proceed to extend, however this can be a double-edged sword as a result of it additionally means the sting it gives will proceed to erode.

Overall, Gamma Exposure is a bit of important buying and selling info that merchants ought to take into account including to their buying and selling routine.

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Disclaimer: The info above is for academic functions solely and shouldn’t be handled as funding recommendation, The technique introduced wouldn’t be appropriate for buyers who will not be acquainted with trade traded choices. Any readers on this technique ought to do their very own analysis and search recommendation from a licensed monetary advisor.


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