Paul Mescal Running Away From Women


Paul Mescal Running Away From Women refers to a rumor about Irish actor Paul Mescal going to bars in North London, seducing ladies for threesomes, inviting them to go for a stroll and ditching them later. The gossip began on TikTok on December 2023, inspiring a sequence of jokes and memes on Twitter /X imagining Mescal working from ladies.


On December twenty third, 2023, TikTok person @erinmarysmith shared a video speaking about Irish actor Paul Mescal seducing ladies at bars in North London, inviting them for threesomes after which working away from them. The video (proven under) amassed over 481,000 performs and 54,000 likes in three days.

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A day after @erinmarysmith’s video went viral, the rumor unfold to For occasion, on December twenty fourth, 2023, (Shown under)

On the identical day, The put up (proven under) acquired roughly 1 million views and 24,000 likes in two days.

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