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Merry Chrismas is an intentional misspelling of the phrase “Merry Christmas” which is usually utilized in Christmas-themed illustrations that includes numerous characters, typically dinosaurs, expressing enthusiasm for the annual vacation.


In December 2014, Tumblr person Bekkie revealed an illustration of a raptor dinosaur sporting a Christmas Hat with the caption “It Chrismas / Merr Chrismas” (proven under).

On August 1st 2015, the orginal submit was faraway from Tumblr by Tumblr employees per request of the creator, who acknowledged they needed it eliminated resulting from “a number of copyright points I bumped into with it; lack of sourcing again to me with parodies/reposts, folks printing it off and placing it all over the place, all of the reposts on tumblr and different web sites with out my permission or data, and folks erasing my watermarks on the works.”

As of 08/01/15 00:45AM the christmas dino post has been removed by tumblr staff at my request due to multiple copyright issues ran into with it;  lack of sourcing back to me with parodies/reposts, people printing it off and putting it everywhere, all the reposts on tumblr and other websites without my permission or knowledge, and people erasing my watermarks on the works.  I'm deeply sorry to anyone this upsets, but dino will always be available on clothing on teepublic and other things on redbubble if anyone is still interested.  Again, my sincerest apologies.  I know many people loved the Christmas dino and so did I, but I can't risk those things happening again once November rolls around.  If people can't respect my artwork, then they're not allowed it.  I'm incredibly sorry, this is nothing personal against those who loved the dino ana respected me/my artwork.  Please understand that.  (/ A faq regarding christmas dinosaur because I get these questions about it repeated a lot. This page will only be linked once a year, November - December Where is the original post for christmas dino? Right heret See above Can I print your christmas dino to put on cards? Sorry, but I have to say no to this question, no you cant. But it is available for sale here if you're interested enough Can I print your christmas dino on shirts? Sorry, but again, no you can't. It's available here on shirts, but make sure you want t enough to spend the money because it's kind of a once-a-year type of shirt! Can I make a parody of your christmas dino? Sorry, but I' d really prefer you didn't. Ive had too many issues regarding this and l'd rather just avoid the whole kafuffle [user] made a parody of your christmas dino!  Do you know about this, they ask None of the people who draw parodies of it ask me for permission, so no, I initially didn't know about it and they didn't ask for my permission either Are you going to draw any more christmas dino!?  I might, I might not!  It's not easy to come up with humorous art ideas for dinosaurs of all things, especially with a Christmas theme.  If you have any ideas, feel free to let me know and I might draw them if you like them.  No guarantees though, sorry!


On December 14th, 2014, Tumblr person derangedhyena-delphinidae posted an analogous illustration that includes an orca whale (proven under). Over the following a number of years, the submit gained over 15,500 notes.

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On December twenty fourth, Tumblr person kangeera posted a variation of the illustration that includes a raptor creature from the MMORPG. Star Wars: The Old Republic (proven under, left). On December twenty fifth, 2015, Tumblr person lady-noivern revealed a “Merr Chrismas” illustration of the pokemon Archeops (proven under, proper). Within two years, the submit gathered greater than 1,900 notes.

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