See Why My “Earnings Profit Surge” Strategy Just Works

It’s no secret earnings day can change a inventory’s trajectory.

And it is common for merchants to place themselves forward of earnings in hopes of driving a giant upswing or downswing.

But the reality is…

Earnings day is simply the beginning of many, many revenue alternatives.

In reality, there is a post-earnings chart sample I just lately found that is so probably profitable I’m calling it the “Earnings Profit Surge,

This surge happens after an organization studies an earnings beat, and it ends in regular good points for the inventory time and again… typically for greater than two months!

I clarify all of it – with visible examples – beneath.

How to Identify the “Earnings Profit Surge” Chart Pattern

Let me present you a latest instance of what an Earnings Profit Surge seems to be like. Take a take a look at the chart of synthetic intelligence inventory Nvidia (NVDA).

Notice the earnings hole within the chart. That occurred on the day the corporate reported earnings.

Then the inventory was bullish after earnings day – as you possibly can clearly see by the uptick in value.

Now, this is the place it will get fascinating.

You’ll discover the inventory continued to go up after the earnings announcement. This rise is what I name the Earnings Profit Surge,

And the 2 vertical traces present when I’d usually get positioned within the commerce based mostly on the three “inexperienced gentle” variables in my TPS system,

Also, discover how the inventory goes up, then pulls again, after which goes up once more.

This sample repeats itself all over April to the start of May…

Meaning there have been 30-plus days of constant optimistic momentum for this ONE STOCK.

So in principle, you might’ve traded this ONE TICKER time and again – based mostly on this sample alone – for constant good points.

Here’s one other instance – this one’s in Microsoft (MSFT).

Microsoft (MSFT) Chart

Notice the similarities to the NVDA chart…

Again, you’ve the earnings hole, the buying and selling window and the Earnings Profit Surge.

Let’s check out another instance: Gilead Sciences (GILD).

Gilead (GILD)

Again, we see a significant enhance after earnings… after which a gradual wave of good points and pullbacks.

Once you learn to determine this sample, you will not be caught making an attempt to commerce on earnings day. There will nonetheless be loads of alternative to revenue for months afterward.

In brief, earnings day is not the be-all, end-all for potential good points… It’s really simply the beginning.

Here are just a few causes I really like the thought of ​​buying and selling the Earnings Profit Surge:

  1. It offers you many alternatives to commerce after earnings come out. More alternatives means extra potential wins.
  2. While it is common to commerce on earnings, the reality is you do not all the time know which course a inventory will go. So you find yourself betting on whether or not the inventory will go up or down, which is admittedly no completely different from playing.
  3. By following the Earnings Profit Surge, you possibly can play the constant momentum generated by earnings information. It’s a less complicated, extra predictable option to commerce.



Since I launched Profit Surge Trader again in August, it has been a brand new supply of constant worthwhile trades. And this technique is red-hot within the present market rally.

Since the start of the rally in November, I’ve closed 15 winners at an 83% win charge. These included in a single day wins of 29.17% on Salesforce (CRM), 26.79% on Datadog (DDOG) and 20.69% on Upstart Holdings (UPST).

When you be part of this service, you can comply with alongside as I zero in on only one single ticker each month. And then, each Monday at midday ET throughout a particular livestream, I provide you with our precise sport plan for our weekly commerce.

The purpose is to make as a lot money as attainable from one ticker.

This is the best – and probably essentially the most profitable – type of buying and selling I’ve ever used, and I’m inviting you alongside for the journey.

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