Christmas Just A Week Away!


Christmas Just A Week Awayoften known as Can You Believe It Guys Christmas or the Christmas Just A Week Away Copypastarefers to a Duet on TikTok that went viral in late 2020 wherein a woman with AirPods in is happy about Christmas being just one week away regardless of it not even being near December. The authentic video did not begin being exploited in abundance, nonetheless, till late 2021 on ifunny, the place iFunniers changed what it was the lady was enthusiastic about. Over the next years, it additionally developed right into a copypasta format.


On September fifth, 2020, TikToker @kearamr posted a Duet with a timelapse video of somebody’s palms making ready Christmas cookies (proven under). She captioned the video, “Manifesting,” as if the video might manifest Christmas coming subsequent week fairly than having to attend till December. The TikTok acquired roughly 817,900 performs and 182,800 likes over the course of 1 yr.


Can you consider it guys? Christmas, only a week away! Christmas is in per week! Woo-hoo! I’m so blissful about this info. Christmas, only a week away. Oh wow! Can you consider it? Christmas, simply in per week! It acquired right here so quick. Christmas, simply a-


On November eleventh, 2020, the video was posted to YouTube by the channel Fatty. There, it acquired roughly 49,900 views and three,700 likes over the course of 1 yr.

The video did not obtain way more consideration till November of the following yr, the place on November eighth, 2021, YouTuber Pestello posted a video that used a Deltarune meme format which pulled the audio from the unique TikTok. The video (proven under) acquired roughly 5,500 views and 327 likes over one month.

On November seventeenth, 2021, TikToker @ribbidiot reuploaded a extra pixelated model of the unique (proven under). The TikTok gained over 1.8 million performs and 252,500 likes in a single months’ time.

In December 2021, iFunniers on the platform began exploiting the video and audio, including in absurd and ironic issues which can be solely per week away. The movies adopted a phrasal template of, “X Is Next Friday!” The first iFunnier to add one in all these movies was @NobleSakura on December tenth, 2021, the place they changed “Christmas” with a metallic pipe and the audio within the video with the sound of a metallic pipe hitting the ground (proven under). The video acquired roughly 4,100 smiles over the course of 4 days.

iFunnier @RacistMonkey posted a brand new iteration in a while December tenth, including within the sound of a drill drilling as a substitute (proven under). This video acquired 108 smiles over 4 days.

The meme began being remixed on YouTube on this style the following day. For occasion, YouTuber Memetastic posted a video (proven under) that conjoined the format with ironic breaking bad Memes by including two photos of Walter White and changing the audio with the present’s opening theme. The video amassed roughly 20,500 views and 1,800 likes over three days.

The video continued to be exploited on YouTube and iFunny going into December 2021, with the movies turning into more and more absurd.

On December 1st, 2021, a submit to the /r/copypasta subreddit by Redditor d_tto acquired over 330 upvotes and 50 feedback in two years (proven under).

Can you consider it guys? Christmas, only a week away. Christmas is in per week! Woohoo! I’m so blissful about this info. Christmas! Just per week away, oh wow. Can you consider it? Christmas! Just in per week! It acquired right here so quick! Christmas! Just per week away!

December 2023 Update

On December 18th, 2023, TikToker @kearamr posted a video wherein she referenced her authentic video, writing, “The prophecy has been fulfilled as soon as once more.” In at some point, the video acquired over 3.1 million performs and 864,800 likes (proven under).


Dr Seuss wished he might rhyme like me 🗣️

♬ Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – Frank Sinatra

The video acquired quite a few reposts on social media, together with a tweet shared by

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