Why Ghee, Pickles Are Not Allowed In Flight

Have you ever questioned, why we won’t take sure objects like ghee, oil, and pickles on flights, particularly in our hand baggage? Now, after we consider this stuff, we normally simply see them as meals, proper? But on a flight, they’re seen a bit otherwise, and there are good causes for it.

Why Is Ghee Not Allowed In Flight?

Firstly, ghee and oil should not simply common meals objects. They’re truly extremely inflammable due to their high-fat content material. This means if there is a fireplace on the airplane, this stuff could make it a lot worse.

So, for security, they are not allowed in hand baggage. Imagine a small fireplace turning into a giant one due to this stuff – that might be harmful!

Why Are Pickles Not Allowed In Flight?

Now, about pickles. You would possibly surprise, β€œIt’s simply pickle, what hurt can it do?” But there is a threat right here too.

In an interview with the Times of India, an official from the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security defined a severe concern. Terrorists may use pickle jars to cover explosives like PETN or RDX. This is a scary thought, because it may put everybody’s life in danger on the flight.

Another sensible purpose is much less dramatic however nonetheless necessary. If pickle or oil leaks, it may make a giant mess. air hostesses will face plenty of bother for this. It can soiled the seats and even spoil different passengers’ garments too. Nobody needs to take a seat subsequent to a pickle spill for hours, proper?

As for carrying this stuff, every airline has its personal guidelines. Some would possibly enable ghee, however others won’t. It usually will depend on the legal guidelines of various states and international locations. Safety is all the time the highest precedence.

Is Pickle Allowed In Domestic Flights In India?

Now, what about pickles on home flights in India, it’s kind of difficult. Generally, pickles should not allowed in hand baggage as a result of causes I discussed.

However, if you actually need to take pickles, you would possibly be capable to put them in your checked baggage. But keep in mind, this additionally will depend on the airline’s guidelines. It’s finest to verify with the airline earlier than you journey. They can inform you what’s allowed and what’s not, so you’ll be able to plan accordingly.

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I hope this now you perceive why ghee and pickles aren’t allowed in flight and why these guidelines are there. It’s all about maintaining everybody protected and avoiding any issues in the course of the flight.

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