“Will by no means enable driverless automobiles to come back into India” Nitin Gadkari – The Live Nagpur

Addressing street security issues, Nitin Gadkari, the Minister of Road Transport and Highways in India, outlined a number of measures taken by the federal government to mitigate street accidents throughout the Zero Mile Samvad hosted by IIM Nagpur.

Gadkari emphasised modifications in vehicle engineering, akin to incorporating six airbags in automobiles, decreasing black spots on roads, and rising fines via the Electric Motors Act.

“We have elevated fines by way of the Electric Motors Act, saved ambulances and cranes in order that issues solely change into higher from right here. We additionally elevate consciousness yearly,” Gadkari instructed Business Today TV’s Managing Editor Siddharth Zarabi.

However, Gadkari firmly acknowledged his opposition to the introduction of driverless automobiles in India, expressing issues about job losses for drivers. Gadkari mentioned, “I’ll by no means enable driverless automobiles to come back into India as a result of it can take away the roles of a number of drivers and I cannot let that occur.”

He additionally specified that whereas Tesla is welcome in India, manufacturing in China for gross sales in India isn’t acceptable. “We will enable Tesla to come back to India however they can not manufacture in China and promote it in India. That is an inconceivable factor to occur,” Gadkari mentioned.

Nitin Gadkari emphasised the significance of hydrogen because the gas of the long run and expressed the federal government’s dedication to adopting superior expertise to enhance public infrastructure.

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