Thanks, Obama!


“Thanks, Obama!” is a sarcastic expression utilized by critics of President Barack Obama accountable private troubles and inconveniences on public insurance policies supported or enacted by the administration. The phrase is commonly used to caption animated GIFs through which the topic seems to be combating a quite easy activity, satirizing those that scapegoat Obama as the reason for issues for which he has little or no affect.


On December seventeenth, 2009, the conservative political weblog Authentic Connecticut Republican revealed a submit highlighting a demotivational poster of a younger lady making a “center finger” gesture with the caption “Thanks, Obama” (proven beneath).


On March tenth, 2011, YouTuber SecretAgentBob uploaded a video through which a girl threatens a person’s life with a knife, to which he sarcastically responds “Thanks, Obama!” (proven beneath). The video acquired over 390,000 views and a pair of,400 feedback inside the subsequent two years.

On August twenty third, the “Everything is Barack Obama’s Fault” quickmeme web page was created, that includes a photograph of a sullen-looking President Obama with captions itemizing petty grievances, adopted by “Thanks Obama” (proven beneath).


On November 1st, 2012, Redditor Martholomule submitted an infomercial FAIL GIF of a person dropping a number of gadgets from a meals tray and the caption studying “Thanks, Obama” (proven beneath) in an /r/reactionGIFs submit titled “My household’s response to the final 4 years.” The submit went on to encourage dozens of spinoff situations primarily based on different infomercial GIFs from the /r/wheredidthesodago subreddit.

Thanks, Obama!

On December fifth, Redditor filmisbone submitted a submit titled “Lately, Republicans blame every little thing on Obama” to the /r/gifs subreddit, that includes an animated GIF of a person knocking over a snack meals bowl. Within two months, the submit acquired over 7,000 up votes and 265 feedback. The identical day, Redditor kvachon submitted the primary submit to the /r/ThanksObama subreddit, that includes an animated GIF of a girl having a troublesome time utilizing plastic wrap (proven beneath, proper).

Thanks, Obama! Thanks, Obama!

Within two months of creation, the /r/ThanksObama subreddit amassed over 14,500 subscribers and 250 submissions. On December sixth, the “Thanks Obama” Tumblr weblog was launched, which highlighted over 60 notable examples from the /r/ThanksObama subreddit over the subsequent seven weeks. On January eleventh, 2013, the International Business Times reported that Twitter customers have been expressing outrage towards Obama’s tax will increase on the center class by tweeting sarcastic feedback with the phrase “Thanks Obama.”

On February twelfth, 2015, BuzzFeed posted a video that includes Barack Obama saying “Thanks, Obama” (proven beneath).

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