Am I a Joke To You?


Am I a Joke To You refers to a reaction image of a stern-looking man with the caption “am I a joke to you?” The clip comes from the second season, episode 32, and years after its meme reputation was tracked down and re-uploaded in its correct decision.


The earliest identified utilization of the picture was posted by Twitter consumer @sizwesabo in response to a Tweet about football (proven under). The screenshot might comprise a nonetheless of the character Mziwoxolo ‘Tau’ Mogale (performed by actor Rapulana Seiphemo) from an episode of the South African cleaning soap opera Generations the Legacy,


Two days later, on January twenty fifth, Twitter consumer @simphiwe_chef. They captioned the tweet, “Jimmy Tau to Sizakele Manonga after she dumps him for Bandile (Major League).. with Lobola totally paid.. by Tau..” The put up, which refers back to the breakup {of professional} soccer participant Jimmy Tau and then- fiancĂ© Sizakele Manonga, obtained greater than 80 retweets and 40 likes in lower than three years (proven under, left).

On October fifteenth, 2018, Redditor twakle14 posted the picture with the caption “me: *opens incognito tab for the fifth time inside 1 hour my pp:” The put up obtained greater than 9,900 factors (98% upvoted) in 4 days (proven under, heart).

On October sixteenth, Redditor twakie14 used the picture with the caption “god: *creates people* people: *creates extra gods* god:” The put up obtained greater than 37,000 factors (94% upvoted) and 250 feedback in three days (proven under , proper).

Jimmy Tau to Sizakele Manonga after she dumps him for Bandile (Major League).. with Lobola fully paid.. by Tau.  SABC Amlaioke to vou? me: *opens incognito tab for the 5th time within 1 hour my pp: Amlajoke to you? god: creates humans* humans: create more gods* god: Amlaioke toyou? ,

Thio Upload

On January twelfth, 2023, a YouTube channel named Thio uploaded the unique video clip from the supply: the unique South African tv station. According to the outline accompanying the video, Thio tracked down the unique present all the way in which to the channel, after which paid them $400 to ship him a duplicate of all the pieces that they had so he might discover the clip. The new add of the supply materials gained over 47,000 views in a single yr (proven under).

Various Examples

When you hold the door for someone but they use the one next to it Amlajoke to you? you broke our hearts SABC Amlajoke to you? Germany:
god: creates humans* humans: create trap furry hentai god OKe Ibyou My Stomach: is full'* Waiter: Would you like more bread Me: Yes My Stomach: SABC Amllaioke to you? You call South Africans to convene urgently on a FridayNIGHT to tell us u Sorry we're a joke to you #Zuma?!?!?  SABC Amlajoke to you?

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