Scott Pilgrim Yuri / Ramona and Roxie Kiss


Scott Pilgrim Yurioften known as the Ramona and Roxie Kissrefers to a scene within the Scott Pilgrim animated sequence Scott Pilgrim Takes Off wherein the characters Ramona Flowers and Roxie Richter (or “Roxy”) kiss one another after which determine that it wasn’t proper. The scene was likened to Yuri which is the depiction of lesbianism in manga and anime akin to shipping, The scene was extensively unfold on Twitter/X and Tumblramongst different social media websites, in November 2023. fan art emerged from the development in addition to a GIF of the lesbian kiss which was shared en masse.


On November seventeenth, 2023, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off netflix sequence wherein the characters Ramona and Roxie share a kiss. The consumer captioned the video, “SCOTT PILGRIM YURI???? HUH? WHAT THIS SCENE HELLO???” receiving over 13.9 million views and 62,000 likes in three days (proven beneath).


The scene rapidly gained viral reactions on Also on November seventeenth, quote retweeted the put up, gaining over 8,000 likes in three days (proven beneath, proper).

crumb @crumbbbly this is crack for my horniest mutuals because of the spit trail, this is crack for me because she starts singing the hamster dance at the end pink haired woman @pinknishii.  Nov 17 SCOTT PILGRIM YURI????  HUH?  WHAT THIS SCENE HELLO???  0:18 4:40 PM Nov 17, 2023 188.9K Views : ...

References to the scene additionally unfold on Tumblr throughout the identical timeframe. For occasion, on November seventeenth, 2023, Tumblr consumer gelarshiesprofruitboarder posted a sequence of photographs that included a boykisser variant (proven beneath, left), gaining roughly 1,600 notes in three days.

On November 18th, 2023, Tumblr consumer demilypyro posted the scene with a humorous caption, receiving over 6,700 notes in two days (proven beneath, proper).

ooooo you like girls you're an airlkiser M spoiling this i dont f------ care.  the way she starts to reject but considers.  the eager breathing.  the immaculately animated kiss.  the music.  the leg lock.  the way she immediately switches targets.  the song she hums as she walks out.  the little wave.  i'm insane

Redraws of the scene additionally surfaced in the identical timeframe, equivalent to a “Gotham City Sirens” redraw posted by


GIFs of the scene additionally surfaced on Tumblr. On X, numerous gag GIFs of the scene surfaced throughout the identical timeframe. For occasion, on November 18th, 2023, Five Nights at Freddy’s scene, gaining roughly 16,000 likes in two days (proven beneath).


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