Hyundai Mobis introduces fitness tracking earpiece for drivers

South Korean automobile provider Hyundai Mobis has evolved a bio-health era that contributes to public protection.


The corporate mentioned in a press observation that it took 3 years of study and construction to expand M.Brain, an earpiece with sensors that measure a motive force’s fitness situation in real-time through detecting brainwaves across the ear. Machine finding out is implemented to interpret the ones brainwave alerts.

The smartphone-enabled instrument can notify customers if they’re shedding consideration whilst using.

Hyundai Mobis is about to take a look at out the earpiece for public bus drivers within the Gyeonggi-do Province.


Hyundai Mobis is bobbing up with more than a few bio-health applied sciences to give a contribution to public protection. With its newest instrument, it claims to have made the primary software of brainwave size era to the automobile trade. Brainwave size, it mentioned, is “one of the most advanced and challenging technologies to work with”.


As early as 2011, the automobile trade regarded to include fitness tracking within vehicles. Ford was once arguably the primary participant within the in-car fitness sport with its analysis on heart rate monitoring seats. The challenge, on the other hand, was once reportedly shelved in 2015 as inexpensive fitness tracking units was to be had out there. An alliance was once even shaped amongst Ford, Microsoft, Healthrageous and BlueMetal Architects to collectively expand new applied sciences to assist drivers observe their fitness and wellness whilst at the highway.

Later in 2016, every other automaker, Audi AG, unveiled its challenge to expand a machine integrating wearable fitness era with vehicles known as Audi Fit Driver.

Hyundai could be the one participant dedicated to creating independent using healthcare era. In 2018, it unveiled the DDREM (Departed Driver Rescue & Exit Maneuver) which prevents injuries because of drowsy using. The following yr, it got here up with an eye-tracking Driver State Warning machine. Then closing yr, it evolved the Rear Occupant Alert machine to trace babies within the backseat the use of radar.

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