Wednesday Weigh-In: Year 2! (Week 104)

Until lately, I totally forgot that I had deliberate to do a put up about it being two years since I began shedding the load I’d won. A LOT has came about within the remaining two years–the first 12 months in truth felt lovely simple, particularly after I was vegan.

The 2nd 12 months hasn’t been sort, sadly. My weight went up and down in line with how beaten and/or stressed out I used to be. When I believe stressed out, I devour. When I believe beaten, I totally lose my urge for food. (I call to mind “stress” as being a moved quickly “to do” listing on this state of affairs, and “overwhelmed”, to me, is calm however simply means an excessive amount of data being thrown at me.) And I went between either one of the ones extra instances than I will be able to depend (in combination and one by one).

Anyway, once I suppose again to 2 years in the past, I’m in a MUCH higher position so far as my nutrition is going. I began consuming a ton of fiber. And then I went vegan with actually no understand, so I began that specialize in getting essentially the most vitamin I may. I discovered that sugar/goodies simply make me crave extra sugar/goodies for DAYS–even if I’ve only one small cookie, I need to be ready for cravings. A large number of instances, I do not believe it is price consuming.

Here is a comparability of Day 1 as opposed to lately:

Here are a few things I’ve noted–the positives and negatives of my nutrition trade/weight reduction during the last two years:


I believe one million instances extra in keep watch over.
I devour a ton of fiber–it introduced at the largest trade in my urge for food and cravings.
I believe more healthy than ever. My persistent ache used to be long past after simplest 1-2 months of consuming a vegan nutrition.
I discovered of a long-term iron deficiency, and after supplementing, my signs are clearing up.
I devour much more greens now.
I came upon one million new-to-me substances and discovered to like cooking once more.

Negatives (issues to paintings on)

I devour for emotional causes (pressure is a huge one).
I nonetheless do not sleep neatly.
I ended operating and I wish to get again to it (I’m missing the frenzy I want).
I do not drink just about sufficient water.

One factor that I truly sought after from those weekly weigh-ins used to be the responsibility. To problem myself to put up it each Wednesday, even supposing I achieve weight for weeks and weeks and in a row. I simply sought after to be fair with myself. And except most likely about 4 Wednesdays in two years, I’ve completed a Wednesday Weigh-In each week.

I do not truly have a “goal weight” anymore. I truly love to be round 130 pounds–that’s once I really feel maximum comfortable–so I set a function vary on my Happy Scale app for 125-135. I’ve by no means maintained the 120s for terribly lengthy when I’ve gotten there, so I’ll modify as wanted.

Here is a graph of the remaining two years of weigh-ins:

The inexperienced and crimson point out the place my weight used to be at when it comes to the former 90 days.

As you’ll see, as opposed to November 2022 via January of 2023, my weight went down regularly, however rather incessantly. Here it is damaged into years (2021, 2022, and 2023). I really like that it displays my stats relative to the former 12 months.

My weight lately:

I used to be at 141.2, so I’m up this week from 140.4 remaining week. I had a excellent week as opposed to snacking at evening. And it typically occurs once I skip a meal right through the day– I indubitably make up for it with snacks. Jerry discovered a cashew-based “Hatch Queso” dip at Kroger–it used to be SO AMAZING and I ate means an excessive amount of of that. (The dip used to be in truth more healthy than the chips I ate it with!)

Well, I do know that is not anything tremendous profound; It’s a great quick abstract of the remaining two years of shedding the load I’d won. I’m more than pleased with the place my growth is now. I’m now not but in my “happy range”, and I will be able to really feel it in my garments. But I’m getting there!

I used to be going to check out to position those footage in a time-lapse video, however since I put this put up off till lately, I’ll simply need to accept a collage. These are my Wednesday Weigh-In Photos (reflect selfies) from the remaining two years. The first couple of rows had been for a DietBet; I did not get started doing the reflect selfies for “real” till Week 10. Then I simply became it right into a weekly factor for my Wednesday Weigh-Ins.

The collage is going from left to proper, row by way of row. The first image is Day 1 and the remaining image is from lately.

The variations are so refined from week to week that it is infrequently noticeable. But once I have a look at one of the footage, particularly noting the garments I’m dressed in, I will be able to indubitably see a distinction. Here is the two-year comparability:

I nonetheless do not know how lengthy I plan to proceed the weekly responsibility weigh-ins, however for now, it is helping–so I’ll proceed to do it. Let’s hope my weight is going again in the suitable path this week!

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