Should You Add Yoga to Your HIIT Workout?

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You’re busy. Between lengthy hours at paintings, circle of relatives calls for, and social responsibilities, it may be tough to squeeze a exercise in. That is also why high-intensity period coaching (HIIT), has grow to be the go-to for the ones searching for a snappy—and efficient—exercise. HIIT comprises quick bursts of high-intensity workout adopted through sessions of leisure or low process.

The Benefits of Adding Yoga to Your HIIT Routine

HIIT is designed to “get you moving near max effort in a short period of time, working your muscles until fatigue,” explains Tyler Millicana health trainer at San Diego-based HIIT studio Renegade Fit, To reap its complete advantages, Millican advises you to verify your frame is in a position to stay alongside of HIIT’s calls for, which calls for stability and mobility.

That’s what yoga is ready: mastering keep an eye on of your frame thru other motion patterns, which is why it pairs so very much with HIIT, says Millican. Experts have discovered that incorporating yoga into your HIIT exercises cannot most effective mean you can keep limber but in addition spice up your athletic efficiency.

Yoga too can lend a hand build up flexibility, toughen stability, and scale back the danger of damage, says Ajay Chapa, MD, a board-certified radiologist who makes a speciality of musculoskeletal imaging. “One of the most common injuries I see resulting from HIIT workouts is overuse injuries, such as tendonitis and stress fractures,” Chapa says. He recommends incorporating yoga right into a HIIT regimen to offer stability and repair the frame’s herbal vary of movement, which is able to in the end scale back the danger of most of these accidents.

Nicole Turnbowa physician of bodily treatment and managing director at frame in movementis of the same opinion. In truth, Turnbow thinks that including yoga for your HIIT exercise is non-negotiable. “If time lets in, you will have to be incorporating yoga ahead of and after your HIIT exercise; recall to mind yoga as a heat up and funky down.

Plus, yoga has been proven to scale back tension and anxiousness, advertise mindfulness, and fortify general well-being. Turnbow recommends yoga after your exercise as a result of the really helpful parasympathetic activation.

Are there any dangers to including yoga to a HIIT routine? Turnbow says no. “The only risk is not incorporating enough yoga pre and post workout,” she says.

With a little bit lend a hand from our professionals, we took their favourite HIIT-complementary yoga poses and shared them on this yoga series. When incorporating yoga into your exercises, you should definitely transfer with purpose and an consciousness of your breath. Remember, working towards yoga ahead of or after your exercise is most popular, however when you have to make a choice, follow those poses after your exercise.

A Yoga Sequence for Your HIIT Workout

Woman demonstrates The World's Greatest Stretch
(Photo: Bhadri Kubendran)

1. Revolved Side Lunge (ie “The World’s Greatest Stretch”)

Did you realize that this liked stretch is in reality a variation of the yoga pose referred to as Revolved Lunge? This pose objectives the entire main muscle teams and rotates your torso to liberate the thoracic backbone whilst stretching your left hip flexors and quadriceps. It can be utilized as a warm-up workout ahead of, or as a restoration workout after, your exercise. It is a brilliant rigidity free up in your hips and decrease again.

From status, step your left foot ahead and bend your entrance knee, getting into a To set up low lunge. If conceivable, stay your again knee off the bottom and immediately. Fold ahead and position your proper hand at the floor or a block underneath your shoulder. Reach your left arm upward and rotate your torso towards your left knee. You too can position your proper elbow to the outdoor of your left thigh and press your fingers in combination in entrance of your center. Stay right here for 3-5 breaths and turn aspects.

Woman demonstrates Cat-Cow stretch
(Photo: Bhadri Kubendran)


This stretch is certainly one of Turnbow’s favourite techniques to heat up your mid-back, particularly if it is a space of ​​tightness. The Cat-Cow stretch comes to transferring your backbone thru flexion and extension to stretch and free up rigidity within the erector spinae muscle tissues, which run alongside your backbone, in addition to your deep core muscle tissues, such because the transversus abdominis.

Start in a Tabletop place and change between arching your again to decrease your abdominal (Cow Pose) on an inhalation and rounding your backbone (Cat Pose) in your exhalation in a rhythmic motion.

Woman demonstrates a Downward Dog Pose
(Photo: Bhadri Kubendran)

3. Downward-Facing Dog

This pose stretches your hamstrings, calves, and backbone, and will lend a hand toughen general flexibility. By stretching the calves ahead of a HIIT elegance, you’ll lend a hand make sure that your muscle tissues are ready for the bodily calls for of the workout and lend a hand scale back the danger of damage. Practicing Downward-Facing Dog on the finish of a exercise can calm down your hard-working legs and lend a hand them get well extra briefly.

From Tabletop, tuck your ft and raise your hips up and again, straightening your legs and arms to shape an inverted “V” form. Press your fingers and toes firmly into the bottom and prolong thru your backbone to deepen the stretch. Elongate the edges of your torso up to conceivable to extend the stretch on your shoulder and hip joints. Stay right here for five breaths. Repeat as much as thrice.

Woman demonstrates a high lunge
(Photo: Bhadri Kubendran)

4. High Lunge

excessive lunge is certainly one of Millican’s go-to yoga poses. It is helping reinforce your smaller joint-stabilizing muscle tissues which are typically overpassed, even in well-programmed HIIT routines. “These muscles stabilize your joints in the optimal position and set the foundation when working up intensity in your HIIT,” Millican says.

From Downward-Facing Dog, step your proper foot between your fingers and align your knee above your ankle. Lift your torso and achieve your fingers against the sky as you drop your hips moderately. This pose gives a pleasing stretch in your again (left) leg. You might understand your entrance ankle moving from side to side that will help you take care of stability, expanding power and balance on your ankle joint. Stay right here for 3-5 breaths. Lower your fingers again to the ground and transition thru Downward-Facing Dog to copy at the different aspect.

Woman demonstrating a side lunge
(Photo: Bhadri Kubendran)

5. Skandasana (Side Lunge)

Skandasana is a type of well-loved however underrated yoga poses. Turnbow recommends including it for your follow because it improves hip mobility, which is incessantly limited in individuals who do a large number of high-impact workout routines. Additionally, Skandasana can lend a hand stretch and reinforce the muscle tissues of your inside thigh and hip, that are incessantly underutilized in HIIT exercises. If you’ve got particularly tight hips, follow a variation of this intense pose.

From a low squat place, heart your frame weight over your proper foot and lengthen your left leg laterally for your aspect. You can stay your foot flat at the mat or rotate your left knee and foot upward and anchor into your left heel. Place your fingers in a prayer place at your center, or at the floor for balancing fortify. Optionally, position blocks underneath your fingers for added stability fortify. Stay right here for a number of breaths ahead of repeating at the different aspect.

Woman demonstrates Cobra Pose
(Photo: Bhadri Kubendran)

6. Cobra Pose

Millican additionally recommends Cobra Pose for its center of attention on posture, breath, and so as to triumph over fatigue. This pose is helping reinforce your backbone and open up your chest, shoulders, and belly muscle tissues. It additionally stretches the tops of your toes, ankles and shins.

Start mendacity in your abdominal along with your fingers subsequent for your chest and your toes hip-distance aside. Press into your fingers and start to straighten your hands, lifting your chest into Cobra Pose. Roll your shoulders again and raise your sternum as you lengthen the crown of your head towards the sky. Engage your quadriceps and press strongly into the tops of your toes. Stay right here for three breaths then decrease gently. Repeat as much as 5 occasions.

(Photo: Bhadri Kubendran)

7. Pigeon Pose

Turnbow recommends Pigeon poseparticularly after your exercise, to relieve rigidity on your hips and decrease again, that are commonplace spaces of tightness following HIIT exercises.

Start in a plank place, then bend your proper knee and transfer it ahead in the back of your proper wrist. Rotate your proper knee outward and convey your proper ankle towards your left wrist. Extend your left leg immediately in the back of you with the highest of your foot at the floor. Keep hip your stage. Remain upright or decrease down onto your forearms and breathe deeply. Stay right here for five breaths, then repeat at the different aspect.

Woman demonstrates Child's Pose
(Photo: Bhadri Kubendran)

8. Child’s Pose

“I’m a big fan of Child’s Pose,” says Chapa. The quieting pose stretches your hips, thighs, and ankles in addition to your backbone, shoulders, and neck.

From a kneeling place, deliver your giant ft in combination to the touch and widen your knees so far as is comfy. Lower your hips against your heels. Rest your hands along your frame or achieve them out so far as is comfy in entrance of you. Rest your brow at the floor or a folded towel and loosen up into the pose, taking gradual, deep breaths. Soften your neck, shoulders, and hips and keep right here for a number of breaths, or so long as feels comfy.

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