seventh House Astrology: What It Reveals About Long Term Partnerships

The seventh home is the portion of your beginning chart that offers with all issues partnership—romantic, trade, or differently. As astrologer and creator of Rise and Shine: An Astrological Guide to How You Should Up within the WorldChristopher Renstrom, tells mindbodygreen, you’ll be able to imagine it the “spouse house,” but in addition the home that laws trade partnerships or even open enemies.

This home is at the reverse facet of your chart as your ascendant (AKA emerging signal) which kicks off your first space. “The 7th house is as far away from the ascendant as it can be, so it was known as the descendant,” says Renstrom.

Further, consistent with the astro twins, the seventh home is “where we team up with others and get to know ourselves through our interactions and creating mutual give-and-take.” As they up to now wrote for mindbodygreen, making a steadiness of 2 forces is the function of this space.

And is not marriage without equal option to mix and steadiness the 2 forces? As Renstrom explains, marrying for romance wasn’t even an idea till newer, fashionable instances. In the previous, marriage was once a contractual settlement that united two households.

“Marriages before our times were often arranged, and astrology has been around 2500 years—so the 7th house described who you were marrying because with marriage you sign a contract,” he says, including, “You’re legally bound to one another— as opposed to a fifth house, which is love affairs and romance.”

Then, assume you break up, that too is a theme of the seventh space, as a result of now not best do you have got divorce papers to signal, however your ex then turns into your public enemy. Where the twelfth space offers with secret enemies, Renstrom notes, the seventh offers together with your enemies in simple sight.

But extra steadily that now not, he provides, each time you notice planets within the 7th space, “likelihood is that that is describing your companions and now not describing you,


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