La Covid-19 perseverente puso fin a mi trabajo como corporativo high-ranking ejecutiva, pero me rehúso a rendirme

As you relate Nicole Audrey Spector

In December of 2021, I was completely vaccinated with the reinforcements against the covid And I was ready to fully enjoy the holidays for the first time since before the pandemic when I repentantly failed to feel sick. Tenia dolor de throat. To install Pain corporal. To install Dolor de cabeza. A terrible fatigue.

This happened when the omicron variant was raging in the country and the rapid tests of antigens in the cases could not be obtained easily. Fortunately mi familia y yo pudimos obtener unas pocas y me hice imedente la prueba.

You have negative results. To install I was surprised. I was sure that I had finally contracted this deadly virus that I had avoided for almost two years through the implementation of preventive measures and luck.

Since I still didn’t feel well and didn’t want to expose anyone to a virus, because of the Covid-19, I passed the holidays at home. Just before the end of the year celebration, I felt better and the tests were still showing negative results, so we had a little meeting.

A couple of days later, my symptoms returned with more force. Not only that he had throat pain, fever and body pain, but also that he was unable to have stomach discomforts.

The following Monday, when the whole world was returning to work, there were tests of the Covid-19 which again showed negative results. I was sitting near the door of the kitchen when my daughter-in-law entered and said, “What do you enter? Dicen que para la variant ómicrondebes frottar con hisopos tu garganta* en vez de tu nariz”.

I had not entered into that. Will the samples from my throat produce the evidence they need? ¿Estabán todas estás other tests equivocadas?

Rub your throat with a swab to get samples and test with positive results even before the control line appears. A test of RCP and antibodies will confirm these results later. ,

Tenia the Covid-19. Y probably had all this time. I tried to think about many things. Tenía que das las newsis en my trabajo or my family. And then I should call the school of my children for advisors. Also had to get more tests. Even though I was working remotely, I could not have time to rest. We were in the middle of a huge product launch and you, a high-ranking executive at my company, was leading our digital marketing.

Mi equipo entendería, desde luego, pero no soy el type de personas que se rinden. Simplemente would have to be arranged. It would have been difficult, of course, but my health would have improved and after that it would have been just like a bad fever dream and I would have remembered and thought, “¿Recuerdas cuando trabajé, dormí, y volví a trabajar con la Covid-19? ¡Fue una pesadilla!”

“Sablé with the members of my team, who, as they anticipated, showed compassion. Tell them that they will take breaks as necessary, but that they will fulfill the tasks that they just assigned to them. You have had days of much pain, fatigue and fever. Worked in bed, took siestas every time he could and worked till night. It was like this in my life for several weeks. Until I could not get more.

Sam, receiving a reinforcement against the Covid-19, October 2022Sam, receiving a reinforcement against the Covid-19, October 2022

Never recovered. To install Never get better. Todavia he could not remember in retrospective form and say, “this was a nightmare”. I am still living that nightmare more than a year later. And the nightmare is much more painful than what I could imagine.

Some symptoms, such as sore throat and voice similar to Demi Moore’s, disappeared, but others, such as stomach problems and fatigue, worsened. New symptoms appeared, such as migrañas y mareos, difficulty concentrating and cognitive dysfunction, chronic pain neck down, cardiac and pulmonary problems, vision changes, weight loss and dysautonomia,

As my symptoms increased over the course of a few weeks, I became more and more convinced that I had persistent Covid-19. Fortunately, when I communicated to my medical practitioner (PCP, by its sign in English), she had no doubts. I supported and recommended immediately one vestibular therapist to help me with my fever symptoms and what looked like a concussion and referred me to a clinic that provided care for people who had had Covid-19.

It was during this time that I was unable to notice my sensitivity to sound and my problems of speech. Everything started when I sang “Happy birthday” at the fiesta of my daughter’s 18th birthday. As we lay down to the climax of the song and the noise became more intense, we were unable to tremble and we were unable to have many escalofrios. Simply couldn’t handle all this noise. Al parecer sonidos roidosos repentinos (including the cries of our dog) can make my nervous system go alert. This affects directly my pattern of speech, which turns spasmódico To install entrecortado.

Sam uses art as a coping mechanism.Sam used art as a helping mechanism to deal with the big changes in his life. Ella creo este trabajo de arte de medios mixtos, “Shattered Life: Long Covid [Vida destrozada: La Covid-19 persistente]”, in February 2023.

I had no control over that. The management is basically using headphones to control the noise and sun glasses. I am also extremely aware of which types of bodies I can come into contact with. Things with irregular contours, such as waterproof jackets, or “buoyant” things can trigger these symptoms. Besides, when I have a cold, I usually have an episode.

In May of 2002, he could not work for the persistent Covid-19 and had to obtain benefits from disability. This was the source of income of my family and the financial impact has been extremely difficult.

Suena tortuoso y ciertomente no es agradable, pero i think the worst of the Covid-19 persistent has been the incredible physical pain and the fatigue. There are some medications that are useful for relieving symptoms while waiting for a cure.

Solía ​​estar despierta de 16 to 18 horas a day y las disfrutaba mucho. Now, maybe I have a maximum of three to five hours a day after which I feel completely exhausted and spend most of the time resting. Strange little things. To install Extraño ducharme. Now, only tomo baños por temor a collapse por no poder pararme por mucho tiempo. To install Extraño manejar.

But I stayed and left aside the fun. To install Y la esperanza.

When I run out of energy, I think of all those people who could benefit from listening to my story. Even if it makes just one person feel less lonely during this process, it is enough to make it all worth the pain. And even if alone I can have a few hours a day, which I cook.

*Actually, the tests of antigens cases in EE.UU. They are approved only for nasal use.

*Some clinics that provide care to people who have had Covid-19 require RCP tests with positive results to admit those patients, so it may be convenient to confirm a case test with positive results with an RCP test if they require this documentation. future.

This resource was prepared with the support of Pfizer.

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