Hair Type Quiz + What Your Results Mean, From Experts

What is your hair kind?

You have kind 4c hair.

You have a mixture of tight springs and Z-shapes, and your hair appears to be like lush and dense. Although, your hair could be very fragile and liable to breakage, so loading up on moisture is vital.
Styling pointers: Invest in a hydrating conditioner and a hair oil for on every occasion you feel dry. Try layering strategies (like LOC) to seal in moisture and save you shrinkage. You might also wish to observe your merchandise once you step out of the bathe (some even like to use proper after rinsing out conditioner), when the hair is least liable to frizz.

You have kind 4b hair.

Your hair resembles a zig-zag trend, with sharp twists and turns. Your hair could also be lovely fragile and liable to shrinkage, so you will want to load up on moisture, right here.
Styling pointers: Try layering strategies (like LOC) to seal in moisture and save you shrinkage (necessarily, layer on occlusives over emollients to fasten all of it in). Invest in a hydrating conditioner, in addition to a hair oil for on every occasion you feel dry.

You have kind 4a hair.

You have springy, tight curls, most likely akin to corkscrews. While your hair keeps moisture higher than the opposite kind 4’s, it is nonetheless susceptible to a few dehydration.
Styling pointers: Like the opposite kind 4’s, it is all about moisture. Invest in a hydrating conditioner centered in particular for dry hair, and coat on a moisturizing oil on every occasion your tresses are feeling parched, rainy or dry.

You have kind 3c hair.

Your hair options tight loops and spirals.—recall to mind the spring inside of a pen. Since the curl trend begins on the root, quantity isn’t your factor right here. Your curls are lush and outlined, however they are additionally liable to breakage and absence moisture, so sealing in hydration is the most important.

Styling pointers: focus on merchandise that may upload hydration and seal in water, in addition to stylers that provide some keep and definition. You’ll wish to set the curls when dripping rainy to fasten in moisture and stay the ones loops glossy and springy.

You have kind 3b hair.

Your hair has tighter ringlets—assume spirals with a bit of extra spring. This hair kind additionally has a tendency to run dry, so retaining the strands moisturized is vital.

Styling pointers: Since the ringlets run dry, you will want to spritz on refreshers between conditioning classes and avoid sulfates and dry detergents in any respect prices. Find your self some moisturizing leave-ins, oils, refreshers, and defining lotions, and lock within the hydration.

You have kind 3a hair.

You have free, medium-barrel curls. They react to the weather reasonably simply and are lovely liable to dryness, however deal with them proper and they will keep outlined and glossy.
Styling pointers: To outline the ones curls, find a excellent, moisturizing styling cream, serum or gel that will give you the correct amount of keep. You may wish to focal point on flatter spaces first (whilst the hair is rainy) because the springier ringlets can in most cases keep their very own.

You have kind 2c hair.

Your hair has outlined waves, most likely akin to the letter S. You might also have a mixture of S-shaped waves and full-on curls (maximum 2c’s do!).
Styling pointers: Look for merchandise that provide mild keep, however permit for some motion. Texture sprays and mousses are your pals, right here, as are light-weight stylers to tame frizz (this hair kind may also be frizz-prone).

You have kind 2b hair.

Your hair nonetheless lies flat on the root, however has some motion in opposition to the ground. It’s nonetheless quite simple to control with sizzling equipment, however you fall just a little at the wavier aspect.
Styling pointers: Similar to 2a hair, lighter milks and serums are your pals. If you might be on the lookout for extra quantity, take a look at styling with a light-hold mousse and apply up with texture spray. If you might be simply the use of serums and leave-ins, do not observe them on the root (it will crush the strands).

You have kind 2a hair.

While nearer to immediately than curly, your hair does have a slight bend. It in most cases lays flat on the root, then curves in opposition to the ground.
Styling pointers: Reach for lighter milks and serums, as too-heavy oils and lotions can crush the strands (stay them clear of the basis as smartly). If you might be on the lookout for extra quantity, take a look at styling with a light-hold mousse and apply up with texture spray.

You have kind 1 hair.

Straight hair is a texture, and it is yours! There’s little to no bend on your strands, and it may possibly get greasy speedy,it is simple for sebum to go back and forth from root to shaft,

Styling pointers: Typically, your hair has the tendency to put flat, so volumizing stylers and sprays are your pals. You might wish to steer clear of any heavyweight oils and butters, as the ones can flip your strands greasy in a snap. Maybe upload on your stylers after towel-drying your hair a bit of—this may give extra quantity and a boost on the root.

Which of those resembles your hair probably the most?

You’re simply stepping out of the bathe. How a lot time do you let your hair air-dry ahead of making use of stylers?

What are you on the lookout for maximum on your hair care merchandise?

Do you co-wash?

When do you detangle your hair?

Generally, how steadily do you shampoo your hair?


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