Daiwa House Logistics Trust: Good or no longer?

I awoke not to one, no longer two, no longer 3 however 4 feedback from readers referring to Daiwa House Logistics Trust and I took that as an indication that I must take a little time off from gaming to weblog.

Daiwa House Logistics Trust’s IPO ends this Wednesday (twenty fourth Nov.)

IPO? I most often steer clear of IPOs as a result of they’re most often priced smartly for the vendor and no longer for the consumer.

IPO stands for “it’s probably overpriced?”

Is it extra of the similar on this case?

Looking on the knowledge to be had, as an funding for source of revenue, Daiwa House Logistics Trust isn’t overly sexy to me.

For anyone who’s new to making an investment for source of revenue and who is simply beginning to construct a portfolio, this can have a spot.

However, with a distribution yield of 6.3% to six.5% which has similarities to what my two greatest investments in REITs, AIMS APAC REIT and IREIT Global, are providing, Daiwa House Logistics Trust simply is not that sexy to me.

If I do spend money on Daiwa House Logistics Trust, it could most certainly be as a result of I would really like extra diversification.

However, it could be simply geographical diversification which is much less significant than diversifying into non-REITs.

This is particularly so since my want is to construct a extra resilient source of revenue generated funding portfolio.

Increasing the dimensions of my investments within the native banks, DBS, OCBC and UOB, I consider could be extra significant and Singapore banks make respectable investments for source of revenue too.

Bear in thoughts that the banks pay just a fraction in their income as dividends whilst REITs distribute 90% to 100% in their source of revenue to their buyers.

In this mild, shall we even say that the banks are extra sexy than Daiwa House Logistics Trust as investments for source of revenue as what could be their dividend yields if the banks have been to pay 90% in their income as dividends?

Banks additionally take pleasure in emerging rates of interest and whilst REITs can nonetheless carry out smartly with upper rates of interest when in comparison to bonds, they may revel in some downward force.

Having stated this, if Daiwa House Logistics Trust must see a vital decline in unit worth, I may purchase some.

The higher investments I’ve made in REITs have nearly at all times been publish IPOs and that’s pronouncing one thing.

If I’m incorrect, it would not be a tragedy as no longer earning profits isn’t the similar as shedding cash.

Anyway, why am I no longer desirous about this IPO rather than the truth that I most often steer clear of IPOs?

After all, Daiwa House Logistics Trust is Japanese and a few of my higher investments have been Saizen REIT, Croesus Retail Trust and Accordia Golf Trust.

The trio have been all Japanese too and delisted later, netting me some really nice features.

I can proceed to speak to myself.

1. Land rent.

Saizen REIT had simplest freehold Japanese residential structures.

Croesus Retail Trust and Accordia Golf Trust had most commonly freehold Japanese belongings.

Daiwa House Logistics Trust will get started with most commonly leasehold Japanese belongings.

Having extra leasehold Japanese belongings for his or her IPO is helping to bump up their distribution yield as leasehold belongings are most often less expensive whilst nonetheless commanding prevailing marketplace rents.

This is particularly the case for belongings with a lot shorter last land rentals.

VIVA Industrial Trust, somebody?

It is helping to make the IPO glance extra sexy to buyers.

Having most commonly leasehold belongings, the distribution yield in point of fact must be upper than the 6.3% at IPO.

The impact I am getting is that the IPO is most certainly priced extra dearly.

If we have a look at previous IPOs of S-REITs with most commonly leasehold belongings, maximum in their distribution yields have been upper, if I take into account appropriately.

2. Japanese center of attention.

The Japanese center of attention of Daiwa House Logistics Trust may no longer ultimate lengthy since they have got proper of first refusal (ROFR) over 11 belongings in Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.

They marketplace this as a excellent factor however one explanation why I preferred Saizen REIT, Croesus Retail Trust and Accordia Golf Trust used to be their center of attention on underappreciated and undervalued Japanese belongings.

The Japanese marketplace is most certainly extra solid and no more dangerous when in comparison to Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.

3. Fund elevating.

There are two issues right here.

We had been seeing some issuance of perpetual bonds by way of REITs to boost price range and probably the most notable is most certainly Lippo Mall Trust.

While perpetual bonds don’t building up the gearing degree of REITs, all else last equivalent, since they’re handled as fairness as a substitute of debt, this is a type of monetary engineering to make numbers glance higher.

Still, so long as the price range raised will lend a hand to give a boost to efficiency and generate extra source of revenue in a sustainable model for shareholders, this is a excellent factor.

I might be incorrect however it’s the first time I see a REIT having perpetual bonds issued at IPO and that makes me slightly curious.

The 2d factor is that with the REIT being moderately small and with a moderately lengthy record of ROFR belongings, there might be extra fund elevating ahead of lengthy particularly when the executive says they need to stay gearing beneath 40%.

Why get started with simplest 14 Japanese belongings and most commonly leasehold ones with moderate last land rent of about 38 years?

Why no longer get started with a bigger portfolio and come with a majority of these ROFR belongings of which 17 are most commonly Japanese freehold belongings as a substitute?

I’ve a few guesses however they’re simply guesses.

So, Daiwa House Logistics Trust, excellent or no longer?

As it’s, Daiwa House Logistics Trust may appear respectable sufficient for some as an funding for source of revenue however it’s not one thing I think I will have to have in my portfolio.

It is not screaming “BUY.”

1. VIVA Industrial Trust: 9% yield.

2. Saizen REIT.

3. Croesus Retail Trust.

4. Accordia Golf Trust.

5. Cutting losses in S-REITs.

6. Dividends from DBS, OCBC and UOB.

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