Tirukural – Chapter 89

Verse 885
A person who’s depressing is sound asleep and dreaming of his relations, whom he hates and despises. The sound asleep guy’s animosity will kill him, just like the dagger that has penetrated his chest.

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Verse 881

Even coloration and water are ugly in the event that they breed illness.
So, too, would possibly relations be ugly in the event that they purpose hurt.

Verse 882

Fear now not the foe who is sort of a drawn sword;
reasonably concern the friendship of an enemy who poses as kinfolk.

Verse 883

Dread hatred from inside and protect your self in opposition to it.
In calamitous instances it’ll reduce deeper than a potter’s knife.

Verse 884

Hidden hatreds would possibly lurk most effective within the thoughts,
but amongst kinfolk they are able to manifest many miseries.

Verse 885

Hate hidden in a kinsman’s middle will purpose
many miseries, and extra–it’ll kill a person.

Verse 886

When hatred arises, dissension destroys cohesion,
and males fall inescapably towards ever-ready demise.

Verse 887

A space that harbors hatred won’t ever be a united complete,
even though, like a vessel and its lid, it’ll seem to be one.

Verse 888

As iron is worn away by way of common submitting,
a circle of relatives’s energy is eroded by way of incessant internal frictions.

Verse 889

Internal dissension would possibly appear as small as a cut up sesame seed,
but there may be sufficient energy in it to spoil.

Verse 890

Living with those that can not live in team spirit
is like residing in a hut with a dangerous cobra.


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