Tirukural – Chapter 88

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Verse 876
A householder is sitting at the flooring conserving the top of his loss of life spouse. Behind him, his home is burning and in entrance of him he’s being threatened by means of two mischievous males with golf equipment. Despite a lot of these troubles, his shut pal stays in reinforce, flippantly sitting close to.

TAKA Presents the Tirukural

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Verse 871

So accused is the article known as hatred that one
must by no means want for it–even in jest.

Verse 872

It is dangerous sufficient to incur the enmity of those that reside by means of the bow,
however by no means impress the hatred of those that sow and reap with phrases.

Verse 873

One guy who, all by means of himself, arouses hatred in lots of
is crazier than any lunatic.

Verse 874

The global abides underneath the greatness
of noble-natured rulers who befriend even their enemies.

Verse 875

Finding that he faces two foes and has no allies,
a lone guy lures one to facet with him.

Verse 876

When misery dawns, neither draw close to nor leave from
new buddies and foes–relatively, depart them on my own.

Verse 877

Never inform your troubles to those that can’t comprehend them,
nor disclose your weaknesses for your enemies.

Verse 878

Engineer a plan, execute that plan smartly and make sure
your safety–thus is the enjoyment of competitors eternally ruined.

Verse 879

Chop down a thorny tree whilst it’s younger.
Left to develop mature, it’ll in the future reduce the cutter’s hand.

Verse 880

Those who fail to quell a adversarial rival’s satisfaction
might be blown away by means of the mere incontrovertible fact that he nonetheless breathes.


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