Tirukural – Chapter 85

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Verse 847
A farmer has climbed out at the department of a tree, however he’s sitting at the fallacious aspect and is ready to injure himself. The proprietor of the orchard rushes as much as warn him and urge him to not continue.

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Verse 841

Dearth of knowledge is the direst destitution.
Other poverties the sector deems much less impoverishing.

Verse 842

If any benefit is won when a idiot offers a present, then again gladly,
it’s because of the recipient’s previous penance and not anything else.

Verse 843

The struggling that omitted males inflict upon themselves
can infrequently be contrived through their enemies.

Verse 844

What is stupidity, you ask? It is the self-esteem
that dares to claim, “I am wise.”

Verse 845

He who pretends to wisdom he does no longer possess
raises doubts concerning the issues he truly is aware of.

Verse 846

Fools observe a perverse trail, clothes their well-formed bare frame,
but by no means pondering to hide their deformed thoughts.

Verse 847

Neglecting precious recommendation, an ignorant guy
turns into the reason for his personal distress.

Verse 848

That soul who neither follows any other’s orders nor fathoms what to
do himself creates not anything however torment till he leaves this lifestyles.

Verse 849

As an unseeing guy sees simplest the techniques of his personal thoughts, whoever
makes an attempt to open the eyes of those that won’t see is himself blind.

Verse 850

He who denies as false what the sector announces
to be true is deemed to be a secular demon.


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