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Muthappan is a Hindu deity who’s broadly worshiped in Kerala’s Kannur, Kasargod, Kozhikode, and Malapuram districts, in addition to Karnataka’s Coorg district. Muthappan is the embodiment of 2 Hindu gods: Thiruvappan or Valiya Muttapan (Vishnu) and Vellatom or Cheriya Muttapan (Vishnu) (Shiva).

Madappura is the title of the sanctuary the place Muthappan is respected. The maximum essential is the Parassinikadavu Madappura.

Muthappan’s devotion is distinct from that of different Hindu temples in that it does now not apply the Sattvic (Brahminical) approach of worship. The temple is open to folks of all castes, faiths, and international locations, and they’re welcome to take part within the worship. Muthappan may be the main god of the famed Parassinikkadavu temple’s conventional Theyyam dance (Muthappan Theyyam). Muthappan Theyyam’s ritual performers are from Kerala’s indigenous inhabitants. It is outstanding in that each upper-caste Brahmins and lower-caste tribals give a contribution considerably to the main varieties of faith in Kerala.


Muthappan is considered the embodiment of 2 divine figures: Thiruvappana and Vellatom. Thiruvappana and Vellatom, the dual god figures, are related to the Theyyamkaliyattem of northern Malabar. Though Sree Muthappan is considered a unmarried god, it actually depicts an built-in or united type of two gods: Vishnu (who wears a fish-shaped crown) and Shiva (who wears a lotus-shaped crown) (with a crescent-shaped crown) ).
Sri Muthappan’s Theyyams are carried out all 12 months, however different Theyyams are most effective executed throughout positive seasons (lasting October to May).

Story of Muthappan

The background of the god is described within the conventional account of Parassinikkadavu Muthappan.
Ancharamanaykkal Vazhunnavar, the naduvazhi (ruler) of Eruvessi in Kannur, was once unhappy since he had no kid. Padikutty Amma, his spouse, was once a Lord Shiva devotee. For the sake of youngsters, she presented a sacrifice to Shiva. She noticed the Lord in a dream at some point. She seen a phenomenal infant laying on a close-by rock the next day to come as she was once coming from a dip in a close-by river. (A rock this is stated to be this one remains to be visited and respected as of late.) She took the teenager house and raised him as her personal son together with her husband.

The kid used to head searching along with his bow and arrows Story of Parassinikadavu Muthappan

within the bush close to their space (mana). He’d then distribute foods to the destitute and have interaction with indigenous tribes just like the Thiyya. His folks pleaded with him to prevent doing these items since they have been in opposition to his way of living, however the teenager was once deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafening.

Ayyankara Vazhunavar made up our minds to take fee of the location and reprimanded him. His heavenly shape (Visvaroopam, or Viswaroopa, or Cosmic All-Pervading Form) was once proven to the boy’s folks. They known the teenager was once now not a median kid, however fairly God. They surrendered themselves to Him via prostrating themselves in entrance of Him. Due to his grief in leaving the home, the whole lot that got here into Muthappan’s eyesight burned and went to ashes the moment he walked out the door. His mom suggested him to not walk all of the approach around the planet, destroying the whole lot. Muthappan punctured his eyeballs to make certain that not anything could be misplaced in his imaginative and prescient. As a end result, Thiruvappana is proven as blind.

From Ancharamanaykkal, he launched into a voyage. Kunnathoor’s inherent attractiveness drew Him in. The toddy of palm timber drew him in as neatly.

Knowing that his toddy was once being taken from his palm timber, Chandan (an uneducated toddy tapper) decided to safe them. He stuck an previous man taking toddy from his fingers whilst on guard responsibility at night time. He become enraged and tried to kill the person along with his bow and arrows, however he handed out earlier than freeing even one arrow. Chandan’s spouse had come to search for him. When she found out him asleep on the base of the tree, she wept bitterly. She spotted an aged man on the best of the palm tree and addressed him as “Muthappan” (muthappan method “grandfather” in Malayalam). She prayed fervently to God to save lots of her partner. Chandan regained awareness now not lengthy after. She served the Muthappan boiling gramme (chickpea), coconut slices, charred fish, and toddy. (Devotees are nonetheless served boiled grammes and coconut slices at Sree Muthappan temples at the present time.) She prayed for His blessing. At Chandan’s request, Muthappan picked Kunnathoor as his house. The famend Kunnathoor Padi is also observed right here.

After a couple of years in Kunnathoor, Sree Muthappan made up our minds to seek for a extra appropriate dwelling house in order that He may satisfy His Avataram objective. From Kunnathoor, he fired an arrow skyward. The shaft in the end made its method to Parassini, the place the Parassini Temple now stands. When the arrow was once found out, it was once blazing within the Theertha (holy water) close to the temple. On the altar, the arrow was once set. Lord Sree Muthappan is claimed to have lived at Parassinikkadavu since then.

Thiruvappan-Muthappan arrived at Puralimala close to Peravoor after touring in the course of the bush. Thiruvappan offered him to some other muthappan, whom he dubbed cherukkan (Malayalam for “young kid”) and accompanied. Vellattam is the title of the second one Muthappan (or Vellatom). There is a Muthappan named Thiruvappan – Valiya Muttapan (Vishnu) – and a 2nd Muthappan named Vellattam or Cheriya Muthappan (Shiva). A round-shaped hay throne is used within the Theyyam for this.

Sree Muthappan and canine

Sree Muthappan is escorted via a canine always. Dogs are respected on this shrine, they usually is also observed in huge numbers in and round it.

At the temple’s entryway are two sculpted bronze canine, that are concept to constitute the God’s protectors. When the Prasad is able, it’s to start with presented to a canine this is at all times looking out within the temple grounds.

Local tales, equivalent to the only under, emphasize the significance of canine in Sree Muthappan:

Temple officers made up our minds a couple of years in the past to attenuate the choice of canine within the temple, so that they got rid of a number of canine and domestic dogs. The performer of the Sree Muthappan Theyyam has been not able to accomplish since that day; it’s mentioned that Sree Muthappan’s ghost inhabits the performer’s frame for the period of the development. However, for the reason that canine have been long gone, he in all probability declined to go into the Theyyam performer’s frame. The canine have been returned to the temple as soon as the temple directors discovered their error. Theyyam live shows resumed normalcy the next day.

Muthappan Temple

Parassinikadavu Muthappan temple is a temple in Kannur District, Kerala, India, positioned in Parassinikadavu in Anthoor Municipality at the banks of the Valapattanam river, about 10 km from Taliparambu and 16 km from Kannur City. The temple’s primary deity is Sree Muthappan, whose divinity is proven in two variants, Thiruvappan and Vellattam, as a ceremonial theyyam efficiency. The reigning deity is claimed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva, in keeping with native legend.

Muthappan Temple, Kerala - Info, Timings, Photos, History

Vellattam and Thiruvappan are common names for 2 kinds of’Theyyam Ketti-aadal’present in North Malabar’s kavu/temples.

Vellattom is a simplified variant of the ritual enactment through which the embellishes, decorations, and parapharnelia are saved to a minimal. As a end result, all actions, together with vaaythari (talking) and Attam (dancing), are maximized. When in comparison to a deity’s idol in a temple sanctuary this is erected in keeping with sathwic sasthra and vedic procedures, Vellattom is on par with the idol on my own with out the prabha-mandalam that surrounds it. The Seeveli ritual, with merely the little idol on best of the elephant, is a more effective instance.

Thiruvappana, however, is the entire shape, entire with royal regalia and a bigger prabhamandalam. The motion is little and sluggish because the decorations are higher and are of a binding sort, and the uriyaadal (replies to prayers) will probably be sharp, to the purpose, and forecasts will probably be proper. Thiruvappana is analogous to the temple idol, which has the Prabha-mandalam (representing the auric circle) surrounding it, and the Seeveli, which has the massive Swarna-Kolam masking the little deity on best of the elephant.

Muthappan is considered Lord Shiva himself manifested in a Nayattu (searching) shape. The Vellattam that looks first is Siva himself in his most simple shape. However, the Vellattom, which seems later with the magnificent Thiruvappana of Muthappan, is a stripped-down type of Vishnu who, in keeping with legend, got here to Siva’s assist when he started touring with the poykannu (blindfold) and started having main problems touring and attempting to find sustainability.


Gayathri Mantra

The hymn RV 3.62.10 has the main mantra. The hymn is preceded with om (ॐ) and the word bhur bhuvah svah (bhur bhuvah svah) throughout its recital. The Taittiriya Aranyaka (2.11.1-8) as it should be describes this prefixing of the chant, declaring that it must be repeated with the phrase om, adopted via the 3 Vyahrtis, then the Gayatri stanza. Although the gayathri mantra calls for 3 padas of 8 syllables each and every, the wording of the verse preserved within the Samhita is one brief, with seven as an alternative of 8 syllables. The documented tri-syllabic varenyam could be emendated with a tetra-syllabic vareniyam below metrical recovery.

bhurbhuvah self


bhargo devasya dhimahi

Dhyo yo nah prachodayat

o bhūr bhuvaḥ svaḥ

tat savitur vareṇyaṃ

bhargo devasya dhīmahi

dhiyo yo naḥ pracodayāt

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